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Instyle Salon And Spa

35 thoughts on “Instyle Salon And Spa”

  1. BAD EXPERIENCE: I went into InStyle salon and spa today to use voucher that I bought from dealticker. I made an appointment with them last week, letting them know I have long hair, and I am using a voucher. I was really looking forward to it since the deal was amazing: wash cut blow dry style, full colour and black caviar hair treatment + scalp massage (all worth $225 bought for less than $40). The older woman (owner of salon)said she’ll do the cut and colour but stopped when she noticed my length. She said “You have long hair. Actually…it’s extra long…so I have to charge you extra cost…we’ll charge…um….we’ll charge $20 more” I bought the voucher and under FINE PRINT it doesn’t say anything about charging more for long hair, which is why I bought it. So I assumed she didn’t read her voucher. I gave it to her to examine. She said “I am the owner and I’m telling you, that you will pay 20$ extra because you have long hair” she then said “I don’t waste free hair colour and your hair will take more hair colour for me to mix”. (so far this is her talking to me in a condescending, loud voice and me answering in a normal voice, trying to defuse her anger, even though I was feeling so ticked and very disappointed by her fraudulent ways) She informed me that she tells customers face to face of any additional costs, when they come in with vouchers, as she sees fit. She said to me that it’s a good deal even with $20 on top of what I paid anyway and I should be happy for this thing she’s pretty much giving away. My hair is precious to me and I’m not about to go under the scissors of a crazy, maddened woman who is foaming at the mouth while talking to me. This was a terrible experience, please don’t put yourself through the hassle of going to InStyle Salon and Spa – the place is NOT worth it, and the owner does NOT deserve YOUR money. I am so upset at her lack of professionalism and her terrible rudeness

    1. Thanks for your comments. There is currently a new deal running $39 for a Haircut, Wash, Scalp Massage, Deep Conditioning Treatment, Blow Dry and Style, Including Your Choice of Full Colour or Partial Highlights and 30 Minute Spa Manicure at In Style Salon & Spa (Up To $260 Value)from “Dealfind” and I have been looking for comments on this salon. So far I have found 4 reviews and all of them negative. Yikes, I am going to stay far away from this place!

    2. thanks for the information. I saw the deal online too for $39 wash,cut, style, full color or partial haircut, i was amazed to the prize. I called them to book an appointment for my haircut and the lady who answered the phone was not polite and doesnt seem to be interested when I wanted to ask some questions. So I went online to read some reviews to see how are there services and what customers say about them. I am not impressed to what I read so far! I didnt read anything good about the salon so Good thing I didnt buy the voucher yet! I rather pay $100+ of haircut where I can get good service and nice staffs to entertain their customers.

  2. Great Experience made another appt!… after also buying a voucher off of dealticker, i experienced the services by the salon owner aswell. but had a different experience. when i first called it was really hard to make an appt due to the explanation of schedule being busy from dealticker customers. i inquired for a couple of dates but had to book later than wanted to. a week later the woman called back saying they had an opening for the following day and asked if i was interested… so i took it :).. when i walked into the salon it took my breath away, it was glamorous. large mirrors for each station. i felt like i was on the red carpet while sitting on the red lounge chairs. the salon owner performed the services on me aswell. she was a very beautiful woman with a sweet smile and a very strong positive attitude. she asked me questions in regards to my sense of style and taste before proceeding. by the end of my appt i was very satisfied and really enjoyed the environment and conversations with the owner and her employees. i felt as if i was having a good girl time moment. ive booked an appt for my nails before the christmas weekend. cant wait to go back.

  3. STAY AWAY from this place. Save your money, time and health. Got a terrible infection on my nails after visiting this place. Probably going to sue this salon. Absolutely no customer service, everything is dirty and infected. Please, if somebody else has been there leave your review and spread the word around. I am very easy to please and not at all picky but this place is a scam.

    I was there on December 15, 2011 to use a voucher that was given to me as a present. The place looked nice. I thought they had no enough staff to attend all customers as four people were sitting and only three staff were trying to take care of them. Up until then , I thought maybe they overbooked.
    After they did my pedicure, which was not to my complete satifaction as I found out they do not do gel nails and I requested my gel toenail to be shaped and they could not do it. She agreed to file it, but they hardly did any thing to it, it looked really bad as it was not filed and then they put the nail polish on top. When it came to do my manicure, I asked if I could pay more to do shellac, as I saw they had a display with the different colors and the lady said it was $20 extra. I thought it was expensive,as I had done shellac in other nail places por $15, but I was there, didn’t want to go somewhere else, go I agreed. In the end, because I got a french manicure, I never got to use the shellac colors from the display ,but another bottle a staff member took out of a drawer, I though this was the shellac clear/pink nail polish. She also used the light to dry them but I noticed it took too really long to dry, not like the time I did shellac before. I left the salon trying not to use my hands too much, as the lady said, but I was sceptical as I remember shellac dryes out just like gel righ away. The next day the tips peeled off completely, just like normal nail polish. and i touch it and I realized, it felt like normal nail polish. I couldn’t believed the lady ripped me off and charged me $20 for something it was not even shellac , so I went to another nail place on Friday and I asked the opinion of another nail expert and she menioned that she doesn’t beleived the product I had on my nails was shellac nail polish, or maybe she mentioned that the staff from the salon maybe put only put one small layer and the others were just normal pail polish and normal base, but it was not done properly. The worst part is that I gave her a good tip, as I really thought the lady that did my pedicure wasn’t that bad, but they really lied to me when it came to the manicure.
    So save your time and money. I would not recommend to anyone !

  5. This is my first online review cause honestly, I am usually very busy or very forgiving. However, today I had one of the worst days of my life thanks to the owner of Instyle Salon & Spa. Ironically, reading other unfortunate customers’ negative reviews made me feel better that her vendetta against me wasn’t personal. Let’s start at the start:

    1) The salon is supposed to open at 11, yet she opened it at 11:30 so I had to wait outside in the cold for a while. Yes, my mistake that I was early for my apt, so I did not confront her for it.

    2) The owner was the only person there and I was the only (first) client. She did not even ask my name or any details of what I wanted to get done. Her only question was: “highlights?” I told her no, hair colour. That was repeated a few times…. even though I was still the only customer.

    3) She gives me the limited choice for hair colour amongst the 2 darker shades. I told her I want the slightly lighter “medium” shade. She didn’t say anything in response, mixed the colour and splashed it on my hair practically.

    4) 2 more customers come so she is juggling the 3 of us at the same time, so obviously the wait time between every step was prolonged to almost double.

    5) The “hair treatment” I was supposed to get was nothing but conditioner, which she said she’s gonna leave on for 10 minutes, instead with my neck in an awkward position, she left me there for a good half hour plus.

    6) She gets rude and fussy about the haircut I showed her for a “similar” cut, because according to her it wouldn’t look good on my “straight hair”, which I wish I had. I have pretty wavy hair out of the shower, but b/c of the hour long “conditioner treatment” and combing it was pretty straight at the same time. She finds faults with the second haircut and is getting ruder by the second. I show her the bangs I want and she cuts them twice as long. I show it to her again and she says what I see in the picture are EXTENSIONS. I point out I’m only talking about the bangs, which are not extensions… anyways, that is extended into a long unnecessary monologue/argument from her side muttering stuff to do with….extensions :S

    7) As my hair starts drying up, it looks black and halfway through blowdrying I politely ask her… doesn’t it look darker than the medium brown we chose? She says no, in the light it will look brown. Well I asked several people and it may look an extremely dark brown, but not what I chose. And I was NOT told that it would not come out the same as the patch on my hair. In fact, I asked her if the colour would show on my roots because I was skeptical and she reassured me that it would. Lie.

    8) She said she’s too busy to give me the manicure that was part of the deal and that I booked for as well, but I can wait for the other lady to come in later or rebook for another day.

    9) When I asked her if my hair honestly looked medium brown to her, she could have answered in so many ways, yet she chose the rudest and told me that I was only complaining to get my money back and she knew that …here’s the punchline: “I was that kind of person the moment I walked in the door”. All this is happening in front of another customer and her own daughter who did not go to school that day. I asked her to please explain how she knew that, but she knew better than to be any more racists than she already was. She accused me that I was using her for her services and just want my money back. I don’t even know from who or how? At this point I had had enough and I left without getting my manicure, which now I’m glad for as another reviewer has unfortunately gotten a nail infection from that place! Ouch! Needless to say, I would go back there if she paid me to get any services done from there ever again. The extra voucher I got for my friend, better be returned by dealticker and I wish we could all teach her a lesson, cause she’s obviously doing this to other customers and has ongoing deals. Dealticker has taken off the comments forum and I wonder if all these bad reviews is the reason.

    10) On and she also received a fishy call from her daughter’s school, who wanted to speak to the woman about her daughter *urgently* in less than 30 minutes, but she did not call them back as long as I was there – perhaps another hour or so. Makes me wonder why she’s not sending her to school. I feel really bad for the poor kid. It seemed more serious than just an absent day.

    11) As for her manner of doing hair, OUCH! she treats you worse than a floor mat with all the pulling, pushing, hitting your head with the blowdryer. In summary, avoid at all cost.

  6. I bought dealticker vouchers for shellac mani/pedi. Could not even get an appointment, left so many voice messages and no one even replied to me.. what a waste of my money. I heard bad things about this place from many people too.. The reviews say it all.

  7. Oh no! I just bought a voucher and didn’t see this website, until now…
    My appointment is next week March 20th, 2012. I hope it goes well.
    When I called to make the appointment the owner told me she doesn’t have a DEBIT machine or CREDIT machine and I should BRING CASH ONLY! (to pay for the taxes of the voucher)

    “Bring cash only” that made me worry…

    I will update everyone on my appointment.


    I am very forgiving, but this was awful I felt like crying.
    I went to the salon today and it was horrible beyond words.
    1) she showed up late for my hair appointment
    2) she was yelling at customers in the salon and on the phone in front of me
    3) she used a dirty brush (full of hair) on my hair
    4) the salon is dirty and not kept
    5) my deal (voucher) included highlights and she told me it was for 17 strands of hair not foils, (how do you count 17 strands of hair?)
    6) the cut was terrible
    7) she didn’t dry my hair completely
    8) she talked on the phone and scheduled people while doing my highlights
    9) she pulled and yanked my head forward and backward without warning
    10) she was aggressive, rough, rude, and lacked professionalism
    11) she used REALLY hot water when washing my hair, then shocked me with the cold water
    12) she pulls your hair with the comb when blowdrying (hurts)


  9. Hey Folks, I’ve read all your comments on the bad experiences you had a InStyle Salon and Spa on Rutherford. The fine print on the Dealfind coupon states full satisfaction or money back. Have you contacted DealFind for a full refund of your monies? Based on your experiences you should all receive a full refund; if you don’t report or sue
    DealFind and the salon. If you need help in doing so, let me know. I am a legal pro and may be able provide services to assist you.

    1. Frustrated with Dealfind!

      Dear Naz,
      I have contacted dealfind regarding this salon & they have told me that the owner being abusive to her clients is not a good enough reason to request a refund after their 30 day refund period.
      It also seems that the salon is now out of business as their phone # is no longer in service.
      I am still in the middle of trying to deal with dealfind with this new information.
      The whole experience has been very disappointing!

  10. OH NO!

    I bought vouchers for the mani/pedi deal for myself, mom and daughter intending to go all together…..when I called to make an appt person was not friendly at all..said we could not all come together…..the hours are ridiculus..week days close @ 6pm, not open on Sunday’s……..Don’t know if I will be able to use these vouchers… reading all the bad feedback, especially the infected customer……..scary!

  11. I have had a similar experience to all the comments above. I actually bought the vouchers for a mani/pedi + massage back in September 2011 to give as gifts around Christmas. In total I bought about 6 or 7 vouchers (a lot of money). In addition to my bad experience, I have two family members that also complained of the same treatment. I called Dealfind to explain the situation and because the vouchers were bought in September and the 30 day refund period has passed, all they could offer me were ‘Dealfind Dollars’ which I do not care for. Almost $300 worth of Dealfind Dollars is worthless to me – especially since I don’t think I will use Dealfind again. If they are going to offer vouchers with ‘no expiry’ then they should be extending that refund policy beyond 30 days. I am completely unsatisfied with the whole experience.

  12. 630 people have bought the deal just on groupon. I emailed them regarding this because the deal is still available for customers. I hope they stop selling vouchers for these kind of places.

    I bought a voucher and tried getting an appointment since Apr 10, but she kept telling me they are busy and to call back, so I walked in and realized the place is never busy as in there are no customers,and how dirty this place is and how rude the owner is. (usually spas are so busy, there is hardly anyone there at this place)

    Its funny a friend of mine went to cut her hair and was treated terribly and i just wish i knew the salon name. I never cared and now so upset I’m going to lose the money i paid for this.. being a student frustrates me because we look for these deals because we can’t afford more than this…. I usually don’t like to say mean things but I hope they close this place down.


  13. After reading all of these reviews I am not looking forward to coming here AT ALL! My bf booked a massage through dealfind and went on his own (as I couldn’t make it), and while he was there the owner talked him into buying 2 mani/pedi’s directly from her for me and someone else. I have been trying to get through today to book these services (called about 20 times) and no one has ever answered. I will update you all when/if I get through and how the services were. In terms of the massage voucher I have waiting for me, I am calling Dealfind to get my money back. No one should willingly book at this place. All the reviews are HORRIBLE!!!!

  14. Woah! U guys are scaring me. I was going to use the voucher next week but the comment about the infection is making me think it’s not worth thr 30.00 mani pedi deal!!!

  15. I have not used any vouchers at this salon so can’t speak to that. But the owner has done my hair for years and is amazing. I won’t go anywhere else. She is effervescent, animated and this might seem off-putting to some, but I find her hilarious. The hair treatment I get when she colours me is great and not “conditioner”. I don’t know what is all this stuff about the place being dirty. She is immaculate. I’ve been there when she closes in the evening and see her cleaning herself just to make sure things are they way they should be. Sorry that the voucher experience was bad for all those who took it; since she is a little salon she might just be overwhelmed.

  16. I had my hair coloured at this place, and this is one of the worst experience i have ever had in my life, the owner was rude, took hours to do my hair, i had come early for my appt. said she was running late, so that was fine, but over 3 hours later i was waiting for my cut and she was too busy doing manicures, and told me i should not have booked hair appt. on a weekend, as she is too busy to do hair,
    i also booked massages, took a package not realizing how bad the service was, they were supposed to be one hour massages, but i was only given maximum 40 minutes each time, i never ever complain, but again i felt i had to write, The owner was so rude, on the phone constantly. I wish i had not been given these vouchers, as the 90 minute pedicure and manicure was done in 20 minutes maximum!!!

  17. I bought a Groupon voucher (mani & pedi) and left a few messages to make an appointment. No one called me back. I called once and just so happened someone did pick up. RUDE. UNPROFESSIONAL. Bad language skills. How can I use my vouchers if I can’t get in for an appointment? I surprised Groupon would deal with such a business as I’ve never had problems with Groupon. Hopefully they stand behind their name and will refund me as I’m not going to be serviced there. They don’t even know what “service” means. There are so many salons and spas in the Vaughan region. Why give them business?

  18. I’m at the salon right now and I feel like I must warn others to stay away from this salon. I had an appointment with my mom for 1 pm and it’s now 1:55 and I am still waiting for someone to see me. I bought a dealfind voucher for this place and I regret it completely! If I didn’t have the vouchers I would’ve walked away as soon as I entered the doors of this ill managed salon.

  19. Hi
    I bought 4 vouchers for this place through Team Buy back in April and now when I try to make an appointment, they told me that they can’t make one for a month – and this is afetr calling and leaving messages for a week. I called Teambuy and got my money back in credits for their site. I recommend others who have bought vouchers to do the same. The woman was rude and after reading all this, I am glad I didn’t make an appointment.

  20. Well, I purchased six gift certificates from the owner directly. Three for myself & 3 as gifts. I called yesterday to book my appointment & guess what. The phone line was disconnected. I drove there this morning & the salon is closed! Great I just got ripped off big time & I will need to replace my gifts. What a scam!

  21. I bought 5x mani/pedi vouchers from groupon. After numerous phone calls I finally got an appointment… 1.5 months later! So I went to the salon for my 11:30 appt (they’re supposed to open at 11:00) and its still closed! I waited until 12:30 before giving up. Called groupon when I got home and they were good enough to refund all 5 vouchers. What kind of business doesn’t open until after 12:30? Obviously the owner is rich and does not care for business.

  22. Stay away.
    I have tried to make an appointment for my groupon many times and she has given me excuses such as not having her book, etc. I bought four so I could go with my best friend and our mothers for mothers day. Apparently she is the only one that works there and cannot book four people at a time. She should honestly be shut down, when I walked in it is a tiny tiny place and not well kept.

  23. I am amazed reading all these posts. i bought a DealTicker mani/pedi voucher and could not make an appointment for months. The owner was extremely rude on the phone, telling me not to call too in advance or they are all booked up. Hours of operations are ridiculous and unless you are unemployed, it is impossible to get an appointment. I was very disappointed. When Dealfind voucher came up I tried to warn people through “post a comment section” that they have to be careful with this place. However, the moderator just kept deleting my comments and then I got an email asking me to “stop bothering them”. Really? Now i understand more people got burned. By the way the phone number of the salon in not in service, so hope they are out of business

  24. Has anyone been to this salon recently? I finally got in touch with someone, made an appointment for a month out and then when I showed up for my appointment, the place appeared to be closed down… I mean literally closed down! I peaked inside and it looked vacated. I have tried contacting dealfind customer service and they are not responding! Next step… Better business bureau complaint again both dealfind and In Style! I don’t have time or energy for such BS!

  25. In Style Salon and Spa is the worst experience I have ever had. I purchased a voucher from deal find and was looking forward to this deal. The people at the salon were rude, ignored both my mother and myself and didn’t provide us the services that we purchased. They told us that they didn’t have time to do the manicure and the pedicure and that they would only do the massage and that I would have to come back at at a later date to the mani/pedi. Now their phone number is out of service.

    WORST EVER!!!!!
    NEVER AGAIN – I have lost trust in

  26. instyle salon and spa is a horrible place guys,please dont waste your money,owner is extremely rude and she can say any mean thing to you walk away plus they dont care about time i had a appointment at 1pm and she kept telling me to wait and near 3.30 she called me to sit for a hair cut and i was supposse to get mani pedi but she said now there is no time left so my money got wasted and i ended up having lousy haircut.

  27. BEWARE. I wish I had read the reviews on this site before I purchased the Groupon (5 of them to be exact) for a mani-pedi for $19. First, it took a while to get the appointment because most of my calls were not returned, and their phone number was changed twice from when I purchased the voucher a few weeks back. My mom and I ventured out for a nice mini spa day today. However, we did not even stay long enough to get our treatments completed because the atmosphere is NOT like a spa or salon at all. In Style is located at the back of a barber shop called Miami Fade outside of Vaughan Mills. I should have taken the game controllers laying on the seats in the waiting area as a warning, but I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. The floors were filthy, as the hair is not swept up like at most salons. The guys who were present were loud, especially those behind the counter, giggling like little girls, but with booming voices. After 2 minutes, my mom asked if we have to stay. After about 3 minutes, she stated she is not going to stay. I politely advised the girl who was there that this is not a welcoming environment and to cancel our appointments. If I were a guy going to get my fade done, sure, I’ll go there. But for a spa experience, stay far away.

  28. I bought a voucher from DealTicker for a 30-Minute French Shellac Manicure and a 60-minute French Shellac Pedicure at InStyle Salon & Spa $120 Value. I made an appointment and came exactly on time. 1st thing that happened is that they were not ready for me. Actually, I had not waited long. In 15 min after my appointment I was seated in the ped chair to soak my feet. I had been soaking my feet for 45 min, as it was obvious to me that a girl just started to work on a another client. Why she took another client before me as I had my appointment at 12:00PM and I was not even late? At 1:00PM a manicurist grabbed this big file out of her cart which looked like it was just used. This file had white particles on the emery part of the board. All process to get pedicure took 15 min. When I asked a girl that it’s supposed to be 1 hour, she just said that she works fast and if I want to have it 1 hour I can soak my feet again. She didn’t scrub my feet not even tried to pretend giving a massage. She asked me to pay extra $10 as I bought a French shellac manicure and pedicure I waned to get colour. Why should I pay extra if I already paid for shellac? Anyway, I was agreeing to pay. The process of putting colour on my toes was ridicules, as I was sitting across a table from a manicurist and had to stretch my legs under the table. However, it was getting worse as she put my feet to dry and left me to start to work on anther client. I asked her how long should I set like this, but she was disrespectful again and didn’t give me an answer. As I found out later the actually dry time is not more then 2 minutes. I insisted to finish my pedicure before starting working on another client. After the argument she returned to me and it was done in 10 minutes.

    Next service that I paid was a 30-Minute French Shellac Manicure. She gave me a bowl to soak my fingers and left me again working on another client. I asked her another time to finish my pedicure, but she refused. Considering the dirty environment, not proper disinfection (she event dropped a tray with manicure kit on the floor and put it back from a floor as nothing happened), rude and disrespectful attitude and poor service I decided that it’s not saved place to get my nails done. I explain my position to the girl and that I am not intended to come back and asked her to give me refund for not getting manicure. Once more she was rude to me and refused to give any money back, but asked to pay $8.50 for a colour and taxes. I agreed to pay after I got refund for not getting manicure. The conversation became too ugly and I decided to live. It was 1:45PM.

    This is my experience in getting a SUPER DELUX SHELLAC MANICURE AND PEDICURE at the InStyle Salon & Spa $120 Value.

    I am frustrated by this place, and will never go back. Save your money and skip this place.

  29. OMG … that many BAD & Worst reviews about this salon …. I didnt even know that .
    I bought a very good coupon from Kijiji for thsi Salon for $39 for Wash,Cut , Blowdry and Partial highlights …
    I left several msgs and then 1 day a lady picked up and I made an appointment with her , 1day before the appointment she called back to confirm . Next day I went to the salon , n guess what I found ????
    She had moved out of that salon more then a month ago , when she called me a day before , she never told me she is no longer at that location , on the voucher the address was for Vaughn Mills , I called her at least 10 times before going there and while I was there and trying to find her salon as I had very hard time finding that since she had removed the sign board .

    She never picked up , never called back & now I’m trying to get the refund from Kijiji , and they are also not replying .

    feeling very helpless , because that was for sure my very hard earned money … any idea / suggestion how to get credit from kijiji …
    Thanks .

  30. I had a bad experience too. I now realize, i wasn’t the only one. This place was terrible. i bought 3 vouchers and used 2. Wasted my time and energy and this was not relaxing. And i had the same experience with the manicure. They didn’t have time for it. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER !!!!

  31. This salon is selling coupons on groupon and other deal sites and meanwhile they aren’t even at the location. Salon Kapri is the new salon that took over and they are claiming that Instyle Salon & Spa is still there which is BS cause I drove by it today and nothing was there. IF ANYONE BUYS COUPONS FOR THIS SALON I’D RETURN THEM AS IT IS NOT A REAL SALON.

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