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1 thought on “Barberella”

  1. Wanted to try this salon after hearing decent reviews and having made the booking in a few weeks time, I decided to phone them and change the appointment to get my haircut (long past due)done by the end of the week instead.

    I commuted from the GTA to get to Barbarella and unfortunately when I got there, I was told that no such change was made for me. It seems that my original appointment was cancelled but the change for the new one was not made. I essentially wasted time and gas to get downtown and was sorely disappointed with the poor service. They didn’t offer any compensation for the inconvience caused, which is unprofessional considering that Barbarella charges “50% of the service for the appointment that was missed” ( if an appointment is cancelled without 24 hours notice.

    I was expecting to relax after a stressful week and not only did I get inconvienced and annoyed from this experience, I’ve still yet to get my haircut! =(

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