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Lee Hair Salon

1 thought on “Lee Hair Salon”

  1. Lee’s Hair Salon in Toronto at St. Clair Ave. W. is terrible.
    From what I could tell, there really is just one hair stylist there, hence the name … Lee. She tells you that she knows what you want and assures you she is able to achieve what you are looking for, when in actuality, she DOES NOT KNOW how to cut hair properly, nor colour. When I called to let her know my disappointment, she didn’t care. Very bad customer relations. I doubt it she gets very much repeat business.

    The colour did not turn out to be what I had asked for. As for the cut, I had given strict instructions not to touch any of the length, a trim for my bangs and just a bit of layers in the back to give a some lift. The cut is terrible. There is no lift, somehow she made it look flatter, and she cut the length in the back. I know b/c when she got to the sides of my hair, I told her not to touch the length on the sides I asked her not to touch the length. (this part I could see, not the back which she hacked)So I have long sides and shorter back. Terrible, terrible cut! I will never go back!!!!

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