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6 thoughts on “Alcorn Salon Inc The”

  1. Best Blond Hair Stylist in Toronto – Lisa from the Alcorn

    Lisa from the Alcorn is absolutely amazing with blonds! I am extremely particular about my hair and like a really white, natural-looking blond (no gold or yellow please!) – Lisa gives me just that! She is professional, friendly and very talented. I have tried many stylists over the years and I knew I found a ‘keeper’ when I met Lisa. I would highly recommend her!

  2. Having been an international fashion model for 12 years, I have had the fortune of having my hair done by many of the most successfull hairstylists in the industry. But without bias, I am writing today about one of my longest standing friends…. Lisa McAuliffe. She began by cutting my hair at the age of twelve in her bathroom in the house she grew up in. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her develop into one of the most amazing hairstylists I’ve worked with. It never failed that every time after she cut my hair I would receive countless compliments on set as I was being styled. I’ve always thought of her as great, but this was an honest confirmation of her incredible skill as a hair cutter. She has just recently joined the most amazing team at The Alcorn Salon. I look forward to my next visit to Toronto, as I am currently living in Milan, for one of her most fabulous cuts!

  3. Lisa has been cutting my hair since High School, and she is still, one of the best stylists I’ve had! She’d still be my regular styilist if we didn’t live in different cities! I make sure to get one of her perfect hair cuts everytime I’m in Toronto!

    Lisa is always up to date on hair trends, and knows exactly what will work for the shape of your face and the texture of your hair! She always does a fantastic job! Never had a better cut!

  4. I’m thinking that ‘Katherine’, ‘Chantald’ and ‘Moh’ above are all related to Lisa or are aliases of Lisa because the experience I had with Lisa was terrible, she was hungover – from the smell on her breath. To describe the cut, Lisa would cut some length then add texture then cut the texture off. Made no sense to me, but by the time she was done I could see what she was doing – making a hell of mess of my hair, cant do a damn thing with it! Look elsewhere!

  5. Horrible service. Save your money. Tony was SO aggressive and rough with my hair while combing and drying it that it was extremely painful. Worst is that he cut my hair exactly the opposite of what I asked him for. What a complete waste of hard earned money!!!! He kept name dropping as if I really care about that – it’s the cut I came for. Save your money.

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