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Rosabella Hair Studio


  1. MOsler June 1, 2011 at 12:10 am - Reply

    I recently bought a coupon to this establishment. When I tried to inquire on how to obtain their services I found Rosa to be very rude on the phone. First she didn’t return my initial phone call, and secondly when she did respond, she was explaining that there isn’t any resources available to do a massage and mani & pedi.

    However she would be able to make resources available sooner if I opted for the massage and haircut instead. I asked if she would consider offering the massage sooner and then mani & pedi at a later date of availability.

    She tried to explain that was not an option and that they are not making any money off of the coupon I had bought. I tried to inquire what the reasons for the difference would be. She said the difference would be that because they are breaking the package they would be willing to accommodate. Since there was no real logic to what she was trying to explain, she told me that she will call me if there is a cancellation. I asked her if instead of the back and forth if we could book an appointment for a later date that is available. She said just to call back at that timeframe. I was trying to ask if she can book me during the available time frame.

    She then tried to rushed the conversation, did not clarify or address any further questions I had, and then decided that because she offered me a 15 min phone call, that she couldn’t do any more and started to assume that I was having a bad day and hung up on me.

    As a professional Analyst, it is in my job to ask questions, but furthermore as a customer, I wanted to understand what my options are and how I can obtain the services from their establishments that I paid for.

    I tried to call back to clarify and apologize, but she or anyone in the establishment did not tend to my phone call.

  2. Erin September 28, 2011 at 1:29 pm - Reply

    I had a similar experience. I also bought a coupon that included a mani, pedi, and 30 minute massage.

    When I called to book my appointment, she said that the massages are no longer available, and I should have booked my appointment sooner (the coupon expires next month). She explained that they no longer employ anyone to do massages, so they are offering a mani + haircut or mani, pedi and blowout.

    I was disappointed because I already have a hair stylist and do not trust just anyone to cut my hair. She was not very receptive to my disappointment, saying that “sometimes things happen in life and it’s not your fault, but you should have human understanding”… what? It seems her business is suffering, and I can see her lack customer service skill does not help.

    I’m not sure what I’ll do with my coupon. I may go in for the mani, pedi, blowout; however, she explained they only have mani/pedi’s on Saturdays.

    Overall, I was not impressed with Rosa over the phone. I’d like to know how she is at cutting hair…

  3. Samantha Dee August 2, 2012 at 1:19 pm - Reply

    Rosabella Hair Studio is the worst salon! I thought i would support a small business by going there but I terribly regret it! The owner who cut my hair was unprofessional and i agree with Sarah, who wrote the previous review, that the owner had a terrible cutting technique. She makes you put your head down and she brushes your hair forward and cuts your hair in that position. She also cut my bangs really short. I wanted her to trim my side bangs but instead she gave me straight across bangs and told me that they were side bangs. I could not even pull my bangs to the side! Please do not go there!!!!!!

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