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Numero Uno Hair Styling

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  1. Annoyed October 10, 2012 at 1:08 pm - Reply

    I may have gone to a different location in Toronto but I had a very bad experience at this store.

    I went in for a color, and while the stylist was friendly enough, the color did not take to my hair and this was visible even when wet. When I pointed this out the stylist said it ‘looked natural’ and would be fine after drying. Hello?? Looked natural?? The point is it is supposed to look like the dye, not natural!! My regrowth was still there! And what shows up when wet will be worse when dry!

    When she dried it, it still looked bad. I was visibly upset and when I pointed it out, the manager pretty much insisted I was imagining it and that I needed a darker color for the result I wanted. I’ve been doing that same color for YEARS and know exactly how it is meant to turn out!!

    They didn’t offer a thing to fix it, nor a discount on a very overpriced service. I did not trust them to fix it, and I never wanted to go back there. I left in tears and they were angry at ME for being upset.

    Do not recommend for a color.

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