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Legally Blonde Salon

5 thoughts on “Legally Blonde Salon”

  1. What a great place to get your cut, blow dry and colour done. knowledgeble staff is full of ideas and suggestions. The service is very good and re recent renovations make the place look amazing.

  2. Good place, good staff, the guys know their job! My wife’s & my hair cuts for the last 4 years are done by Irina from Legally Blonde. Always perfect, fast and relaxing 🙂

  3. The two staff members I dealt with were not particularly friendly (especially not the woman that manned the front desk). The hair cut was ok (not high quality) and the highlights were not what I asked for – emphasized subtle/natural look and left with chunky white-blonde streaks and an irritated scalp. I should have voiced my disappointment, but am always too shy. I received a deal/coupon and tipped 15% of that amount (if I thought the services were worth more than that quality-wise, I would have tipped higher). I was given attitude and told by an ill-mannered hair dresser manning the front desk that I tipped too little. She then told me how to tip and walked away. A client waiting had a shocked look on her face and said she had a deal too (looked nervous). How embarrassing for this salon to have such rude staff.

  4. No wait time, they treat me like a Princess, they make me feel fantastic, their color are amazing! I always feel that i am at home having a hair cut:) Everybody is so friendly and so professional!!
    Natalie is the best hair dresser i have ever had in my life! Everybody should go to this place!!! but the most important is that my hair looks fantastic, shiny, smooth and exactly what I needed. Sometimes you nay want this but they will tell you that you should do this or that, its their job and they know exactly what would suits you. So i always listen to them and i always end up by having the best hair cut ever with a color that suits me. So sometimes better to let them do what they say and not what you want! So i always do and after all my family and friends give me compliments:)

  5. I had a deal for this salon that included a hair cut, crown highlights, deep conditioning treatment, and style. They did a really great job! Without the deal it would have been a bit pricey so I wouldn’t go back for a trim but if I want to make a significant change to my hair then I would. My hair has never looked better! The only drawback is that the people weren’t too friendly. Not outright rude but I feel like they judged me because I had a deal and they made a few off comments. Also I had an appointment and it wasn’t busy but my hairdresser was late and I had to wait. I tipped the hairdresser well though because she did a very good job on my hair.

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