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Dragan Hair Design

3 thoughts on “Dragan Hair Design”

  1. I went a couple days ago to Dragan Hair, was my first time after more than 2 years. I don’t even know why I came back, maybe I was desperate for a good colorist. I don’t know these people how they do business. You let do the hair of a new customer to the LESS knowledgeable person in your team? And how do you aspect that the customer will come back? I never seen a person handle a brush so badly, my hair were wet and outside was -15 degrees! I will never go back and I’ll always talk badly about this place. I wasted 130$ for a terrible job

  2. Great service and an absolutely great haircut! Been going here for years and have had multiple of their stylist cut my hair. I’m very impressed with them. They listen to every detail and are very up to date with their styles. I definitely recommend this salon.

  3. Excellent service and very friendly and professional staff. I have been a customer for years and I have tried many of their different services. Always impressed. I highly recommend Dragan Hair Design.

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