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Nino D’Arena

1 thought on “Nino D’Arena”

  1. I have frizzy hair and it can be difficult to work with. It was the night before a cousin’s wedding and I needed to straighten my hair. Straightening really frizzy hair is a lot of work.
    I was relieved to find a stylist at Nino D’Arena who could work with my hair.

    Unfortunately, she didn’t listen when I repeatedly told her that I did not want layers. Layers do not work well on frizzy hair. When dry, my hair balloons up and looks like clown hair. I need to spend hours straightening it or use a lot of hair product, neither of which I want to do on a regular basis.

    The stylist was competent in her cutting skills but completely inconsiderate of my wishes.

    For the work, this salon is over-priced and over-rated. It survives only due to it’s prime location.

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