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Jazma Hair Inc


  1. Niki November 29, 2011 at 6:55 pm - Reply

    I would just like to say, that I would never go back to jazma! They are extremely over priced and the owner Asha butchered my hair..my hair is so many different lengths, I will now have to cut it and pretty much start over from scratch. I would not recommend this hair salon or return! 5 thumbs down

  2. jane February 16, 2012 at 2:15 pm - Reply

    Ok I have to admit this place is overpriced, I mean extortion prices! but they know how to do hair, I only prefer to let the guys there do my hair, you walk out looking like you fell out of a magazine. But they charge you extra for the guys too!!!
    The other stylists are a hit & miss and they seem to have a high turnover of staff when it comes to the female stylists, that why i stick with the 2 guys.
    The owner herself(Asha) I am not too keen on, I find her a little too pushy & does not listen to clients or cater to individual needs & the tension is always high when she is around!!
    A good business person is one who listens to her clients, and caters to individuals!!!
    I go there for the male stylists , if they were gone I would not go back!!
    But the service is top class!! and they do a fantastic job with your hair!!
    These guys know hair!!!

  3. Sandra March 5, 2012 at 9:54 am - Reply

    I go to Jazma whenever I am in Toronto. I have had my hair done at many salons across North American and my impression of Asha, and the entire staff, is they have more knowledge about Black hair than any other salon I have been to and I always leave feeling that they have done just a super job on my hair. The bonus is they are very punctual, so no sitting around the salon all day either.

  4. Michelle April 14, 2012 at 8:32 am - Reply

    Jazma is just a great salon, one of the best salons I’ve ever been to, and it’s always such a relaxing and enjoyable experience dealing with such a professional, friendly and well trained staff. I have had a number of different stylists over the years and they have all been super, both in skills and the personality department.

    The atmosphere is welcoming and although some say they are a bit pricy, I think their prices are certainly in line with other top salons around the city, and reasonable compared to salons I’ve been to in New York. Lyn, one of the senior colourists, is fab and I have never been disappointed in my results and there is no question Asha has given me the best cuts I have ever had. Without reservation, I recommend Jazma to anyone and everyone who wants a salon that not only offers great hair care, but customer service as well.

  5. Pat May 11, 2012 at 8:48 am - Reply

    I would NOT recommend Jazma Hair Salon. I was a client with them for 7 years and my hair never grew past my shoulders. It was always breaking and I never knew why then. I always made sure to do touch up every 3 months and Asha never made mention of the health of my hair or talked about my consistent breakage even though I was following her program to the T!. I always felt the new growth but never saw the length. After always paying $230 after each touch up service and paying another $100 for products on every visit, I stop going back in 2009 and transition to go fully natural. Its been 13 months now being fully natural and my hair is at its longest and heathlist its ever been in my life.

    Jazma hair is a rip off, there is always a constent turnover at the salon and Asha the owner, can be rude when you don’t allow her to cut your hair when you request a trim. Ladies, please save your money and go natural and do your own hair!

  6. Nel May 15, 2012 at 10:08 am - Reply

    I started going to Jazma July 2006, I honestly thought it was the best salon ever!

    Very nice decor and freindly staff.

    My hair on the other hand did not like it at all for the 3 years i went there I did not see any growth. My stylist constantly had to cut it due to damage.. straight pieces (over processing)

    There are times I went to the salon at 9am and would still be there at 2pm.

    2010 I decided to go natural .. my hair is now over 10 inches long now . When I went to Jazma it would never grow past my neck.

    Your hair will be nice at first , but I gurantee you it will change over time.

  7. Nicole July 30, 2012 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    I myself would recommend Jazma to anyone who is looking for a salon that consistently does great hair. I agree with the great decor and friendly staff comments, but disagree with the comments on prices. Both my sister and I go to Jazma and we both pay about the same price for our services, around $90 for touch-ups on our Wash & Go relaxers and when we want to add in a blow dry and curl, instead of our regular texturized look, then about $140. Mine and my sister’s hair, I feel, looks the best it ever has and as mentioned they almost always run on time, so no sitting around the salon all day.

    Having been to a number of the other “top” black salons in Toronto, Jazma is head and shoulders above the rest, IMHO.

  8. Merle August 8, 2012 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    I was a loyal customer of Jazma salon for OVER 10 YEARS when Jazma Hair Inc. was located on Yorkville. The last straw was when Asha cut my hair RIGHT OFF. I mean she made it so short that I left the salon literally bald. Not to mention that she had the gall to charge the outrageous price (atleast $200) something well over the median price for a cut. At that time I believe she was going through menopause, however, to this very day – literally 10 years later, I can still remember her evil look on her face as I looked up through the mirror at my bald head! I had only asked her to cut my hair in a short style. Asha took pity on me when I began to cry as she took up the shaver to complete the cut. Very very poor proprietor skills – not to mention her weird husband Ron!

  9. Janet August 28, 2012 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    I have been going to Jazma since 1982. I have had haircuts, relaxers, hair-colouring plus other treatments.
    I have always been happy with the service with Lynn & Asha. Slightly expensive but they are consistent with their timely treatment, hair care & personal care.
    A very cruel comment re. Ron who is the crux for this business.

  10. J.Infinity September 9, 2012 at 8:24 pm - Reply

    I went in for a consult. Waste of time and money. They should be ashamed of themselves wasting a customers time showing such an old and long video before even speaking to them. The receptionist offered very poor customer services and the owner herself still had the nerve to charge me for the $25 consultation which lasted only about 5-10 minutes with her and a male hairdresser involved in me explaining to them I had no interest in chemically processing my natural hair.
    I would never return.

  11. Shannon Maley September 25, 2012 at 6:13 am - Reply

    I have been going to Jazma for 25 years. It was the first Hair Salon I had been to that understood curly hair and specialized in it.
    When I had my consultation, with Asha, I was thrilled that not only did Jazma know my hair and what to do with it, they were able to teach me how to manage it and how easy it could be. From the perfect hair cut to a full line of fantastic products and treatments, they know hair.
    I am verly lucky I found Jazma. I am often asked how I manage my hair and how much time and money I must spend on it. My reply for the past 25 years has been, I have been able to manage it very easily and inexpensively since finding Jazma.
    Their knowledge of hair is vast, their commitment to quality in every aspect of their Salon has been greatly appreciated by me.

  12. Shay December 18, 2012 at 9:44 pm - Reply

    I went I Jazma for about 2 years. I had hairloss in the temple area for many years and they gave me hope that it would grow back. Using their product my hair actually did grow back and I was very happy.

    Now the downside, the products. I had to stop using their products because they were causing boils on my face and scalp. When I did some research into the ingredients in their products I found many of them to be very harsh. Some are not even supposed to come into contact with skin directly. Needless to say I stopped using their products and went completely natural. Unfortunately, my hair at the temples fell out again so I am trying to deal with that. I find them to be VERY expensive, especially the products. I would not recommend using their products!

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