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House Of Lords Hair Design

2 thoughts on “House Of Lords Hair Design”

  1. HORRIBLE!!! Went in for Highlights (beautiful blonde hair, just wanting my roots touched up) Came out with GREY HAIR :S absolutely disgusting. Went in the next day, all she did was wash it and blame the toner. wow, what a waste of $160…

  2. DO NOT GO!!! This place has no idea of customer service. I walked in and I was told it would be a ten min wait I ended up waiting for 45 mins! Then I was told there was no hot water so they wouldn’t be able to wash my hair. I insisted to wash my hair with cold water anyways. Then my hairdresser used a brush that was used in someone else’s hair and her idea of cleaning it was pulling out the hair from the brush? When I asked her to use another brush she said ” didn’t you see my co worker just wash that womens hair this brush was used in? So it’s clean.” after insisting that i wasn’t comfortable she brushed my hair with a different brush that was cleaned. She later says
    ” Hun life is so short why are you upset” after convienceing her that being sanitary in a service industry was important. They charged me the full price for a wash, cut and blow dry. The treatement I got was nasty and they act as if there doing me a favor by cutting my hair. I will not be going back to this disgusting establishment ever!

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