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Hair By Peter Michael

1 thought on “Hair By Peter Michael”

  1. I’ve been using Hair by Peter Michael for approximately 5 years. First, his accessibility is beyond compare. Other stylists I’ve been with are not as accommodating at Peter Michael. Second, he takes his time. He’s never in a rush to finish. My hair is fine and is often difficult to manage. This has never fazed Peter. He’s gotten to know my hair and how to give me a style that I like but also a style that I can manage on my own at home. Third, the cuts are always superb. Sometimes I ask for a shorter cut (summer) and sometimes a longer cut (winter). Peter Michael has nailed how to do both really well. Finally, Peter is friendly, approachable, earnest, and joy to spend an hour with. I always enjoy my visits to his salon. I recommend him enthusiastically.

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