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Salon Daniel & Spa Yorkville

1 thought on “Salon Daniel & Spa Yorkville”

  1. I rated them a .5 for my haircut, only because I couldn’t chose a 0. The first guy that cut my hair seemed unstable and took more than an hour and a half to cut it and admitted that he was nervous about cutting it (like it was the first time he’d ever cut anyone’s hair). This cut cost over $100 by the way. Afterward, I went back to try to get the cut “fixed” – Daniel did it this time and never once did he apologize for the disasterous cut. He did say that he thought it took a lot of “courage” for me to come back and get it fixed. Really? Am I courageous? Hell no. I’m livid. He’d never met me before and if he had, he’d know that it didn’t take courage at all, and the whole time I was holding back from giving him a blast for his amateur staff. The cut that he did was no better by the way because the hair is beyond repair now. (I almost died when he said he was doing my hair like Madonna’s back in the days (early 90’s) when she had that flip cut.) I’m still furious about getting such a horrible haircut. It will take a year to grow out, doesn’t hold together at all and will require extensive styling and multple cuts to eventually get it sorted out.

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