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Hair Concept 2000

1 thought on “Hair Concept 2000”

  1. Cutting my hair there was one of the worst experiences of cutting hair in my entire life. I would give them 0 stars if I could. I asked her (it was one of the owners) to not go shorter than my shoulders and not to use the razor. I have dry hair and the razor gives me split ends. She cut my hair way shorter than my shoulders. I kept telling her “it is too short” to which she replied “no, no, it’ll turn out great, you’ll see!”. Then she started using the razor even though I told her from the beginning no razor and she agreed. When I told her that I want no razor she said “just a little bit” and she kept at it until my hair became even shorter and slimmer. It was awful! She put me to dry after and she went about her business – She left me there for about half an hour, in which time I would have itchy scalp from the hot air, but I just left and sat on a chair and read until she came back. When she finally did, she started to blow dry my hair and using a brush. She kept burning my scalp and I had to tell her several times “please, less heat”. When she was finally done, I had a huge head, like a pumpkin, and she told me “oh, it looks so nice” when it was so obvious I looked terrible. That lady doesn’t follow directions. She kept at it the way she wanted, not the way I wanted. The cost for all this mistreatment? 50 dollars. For a cutting and washing. Ever since (it’s more than a year) my hair doesn’t grow and it’s full of split ends. It is still too short to trim it. TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE, NEVER AGAIN!

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