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Salon Ronni’s Inc

1 thought on “Salon Ronni’s Inc”

  1. I went to Ronni’s and asked for my hair to be trimmed. i had long hair and was trying to grow it out to get married. Ronni told me that she would trim my hair the next day. I made an appointment for 10 AM. When i arrived she said that there was another walk in customer she wanted to serve first, and i said ok. when i came back she cut my hair, she did said that she wanted to do layers because she said that my hair is thin and it would look better. i said it was ok, after having expressed that i was growing my hair, thinking that she would only do slight layering on the top…. She cut off 4 inches of my length, on the longest sections of my hair and more on the top. when i could see what she was doing i commented that was a lot to cut off but it was already too late. She continued the hair cut and was saying that i was giving her a hard time, and that she didn’t like to work like that.
    I have thin hair. It takes a long time for it to grow and it will take another year and a half just for it to get that long again. I didn’t care what she thought would look better, that’s not what i asked for. I am sooo livid.
    The hall that i want to do my wedding at is not taking bookings for 2012 because it’s being renovated. I only have the option of taking a fall date for this year or waiting till 2013. i think that i will wait till 2013 because i really wanted my hair long for the wedding. my hair is now medium length with shortish layering.
    I don’t recommend that any woman get their hair cut there.
    OH, and btw, she got my hair stuck in the dryer when she was blow drying it, which is quite a feat with how short it is now.

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