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  1. Ann June 23, 2011 at 12:08 am - Reply

    Shady place. Nice people, no skills. Do not get a manicure here, they just paint your nails. Hair color ok, some scalp irritation. Bad hair stylist/cutter. Unprofessional, dealt with two clients at once. Up-sold a lot, came in for partial highlights got suckered into spending an additional 55 dollars. Not sure why I left a tip. Not worth it, spend an extra 20 and go to a better salon.

  2. Jen August 16, 2011 at 3:42 pm - Reply

    I agree with the above, the manicure was horrible….they honestly just slab a color on your nails, nothing specials and not even a relaxing experience, had one person pulling at my hand and another yanking my head all over for the foils.
    My color ended up okay….but if I didn’t speak up on everything that the stylist was trying to do I would have been in lots of trouble. Even when styling my hair…she was about to do a complete different duo than I wanted…in my opinion you ASK your client what she wants done don’t just do whatever you want.
    O and also the stylist shouldn’t be yapping on her cell phone the whole time while she is trying to wash my hair, and if it says a deep conditioner treatment, it would be nice to get that and not just a fast shampoo and a rinse.

  3. Maria November 14, 2011 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    Tried to call several times for an appointment but always on voicemail. Left 2 messages but no one returned my call. Shouldn’t there be a receptionist to answer the phone?

  4. Gillian December 22, 2011 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    I had one of the many group discount deals that they have done (mine was Living Deal). I found that booking the appointment wasn’t as bad as some other group discount horror stories. It took a few calls but I got in and had an appointment fairly quickly.

    My appointment was for 3:45pm. When I got there the hair dresser said that she would be with me soon, and the receptionist told me to hang up my jacket. A FULL HOUR LATER they started to work on my hair. Apparently there was an error and they double booked. Clearly, I was on the bottom of their priority list. People came in and out and I was still waiting. The most frustrating parts were that (a) there was another stylist there doing nothing for most of the time but since only one of them was doing the group deals she didn’t help out at all, and (b) no one told me it would take so long. I could have gone to do something productive with my time for the hour and then come back. I would have been annoyed but okay with it.

    Then when she finally started working on my hair an hour after my scheduled appointment she put the foil highlights in and told me that it would take about 45 minutes because she wasn’t using bleach. Fine (could she not have done this before and then worked on other people?). 50 minutes later she switched from one customer to another. I interrupted to ask how long it should be in. She told me “a few more minutes” and said that there was nothing that would hurt me in the paste. That’s not the point! I had already been there for TWO HOURS – I didn’t want to wait longer. Another ten minutes later (a few minutes in my mind is 3-4) she finally washed my hair out.

    The hair cut is pretty good. For the most part she understood what I wanted and delivered it well. Had she had a few more seconds to talk to me about it, it probably could have been exactly what I wanted, but time was clearly an issue. I left at 6:30pm – probably about an hour and a half after what it normally would have been – which didn’t leave me enough time to do the quick last minute holiday shopping that I was depending on.

    My understanding is that companies use group discounts to attract new customers, who they hope will stay. If I had waited less than 15 minutes or so then I would probably have returned. Maybe even after a half hour and a lot of apologies. There is no way that I am going back now. Too bad.

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