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Modern Touch Hair & Spa

3 thoughts on “Modern Touch Hair & Spa”

  1. I definitely will NOT recommended this hair salon (“Modern Touch Hair AN”) to anyone.
    The charge for color and partial highlights were ridiculously high($175)… I’m absolutely dissatisfied with their careless and unprofessional work result…deeply upset and pissed-off with the price.

  2. This was by far the worst salon I have ever been to in my life! I went in for a deal that they always have, for a cut and colour. I had to go in for two appointments (once for the cut and base colour and another time for the highlights). The initial appointment went fairly well, but I should have noticed the red flags. To begin with, another customer was bursting out in tears because they did such a bad job. They did little to reconcile her or fix the problem. And on top of that, the stylist that I was with, was talking pure smack about that client; utterly unprofessional! For my next appointment I went in asking for “peek-a-boo” highlights… the stylist didn’t even know what they were!! I had to explain it to her several times, and in the end, I ended up with big chunks of highlights that were hideous! I didn’t notice this until I got home however, because she didn’t even want to blow dry it straight! With the amount of money I spent I would have at least appreciated her to blow dry it with her fingers, if not with a brush! I had to call back and speak to the manager and he was so unprofessional and rude!Another client was also crying that day b/c they ruined her hair when they were trying to put in fusion extensions!

    I managed to go back in so she could correct the mistakes, but even with the corrections she had no idea as to what she was doing. She was so cold and had so much attitude, and even told me that she wouldn’t be able to ever do my hair in the future! Worst place!!!

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