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Rafi’s Salon

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  1. Sar June 15, 2012 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    Rafi and his sisters are the sweetest things ever which is why my mom and I have been loyal customers for 7 years; however, as I’ve gotten older and experimenting with my hair (diff colours/highlights/try new cuts) I’ve realized that Rafi is a one trick pony. You can tell him what you want but if its something more creative or edgy that you are looking for – GO ELSEWHERE. If you are looking for a typical Woodbridge blowout or hairstyle, this is the place to go.

    The salon is ridiculously overbooked so if you have an appt for 10:30 AM you can expect to be waiting at least an hour just to get started (especially Thursday nights through Saturday).

    If I didnt love Rafi & his sisters so much I prob would have ventured elsewhere a while ago.

    As for the colour, I know it sometimes takes several times at the salon to get the desired colour – the only complaint I have is when Rafi does the colouring it’s as if he goes too far from the roots so you’re forced to come in sooner. I know you cant go directly on the roots but compared to his sisters

    Im in the mist of finding someone who actually listens to what I want and is able to deliver what works for my face shape and my personality.

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