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Folino Hair Salon

10 thoughts on “Folino Hair Salon”

  1. Went here to get my hair cut the stylist, Rico, butchered my hair. I went to a different salon to get it fixed and the girl said it looked like someone had tried to cut gum out of my hair. She also told me one side was a 1/2 inch longer than the other. When I went back and told them the service they provided my was not satisfactory they basically said too bad. They told me a should have called and they would have corrected it. I said I would never set foot in that place again and as a result they owe me reimbursement in some form (product or refund) they refused. Their customer service was terrible. The stylist just did what he wanted and didn’t listen to my input and in the end I ended up paying of $100 for my hair cut. This place is awful and I determined for everyone to know!

  2. A friend recommended this place so I switched to Folino about 2 years ago and absolutely haven’t had any problems. Alberto does an amazing job with my hair as well as my kids. I took my daughter and a few of her friends to get their prom hair done and no complaints at all! He is great with what he does! A very nice enivronment too, everyone is friendly. We always walk out with what we ask for and I’ve never recieved that from another salon.

    1. Hey Caliph, I think youre on drugs. I would never walk into that hole of a salon again, let alone expose my kids to that “environment” . Ask the owner of Salon Testarossa down the hall, what they say about Folinos hair cuts and how many customers have gone from Folinos to Testarossa.

  3. I will never go back! I don’t usually write reviews but I’m so pissed off from my experience this evening that I had to do something!

    First and foremost, Folino’s==FALSE ADVERTISEMENT. The 35$ ‘deal’ they have only applies to certain stylists. When my haircut ended after 15 minutes, which was just regular trim, it cost me $55. IT’S A TRIM, NOTHING SPECIAL. I didn’t get the shampoo/conditioning or setting. Just a regular wet cut and hair dry. The small print that indicates that 35$ only applies to certain stylists, is half hidden by the stand. You’re not a doctor/lawyer or engineer?!! You spent 15 minutes on my hair and you charge me an arm and a leg. On top of that the receptionist gives me attitude and one of the stylist’ was swearing while I was there. Nice and classy! Will definitely not be brining any children there.

    All in all…DON’T GO! After reading other reviews about this place on the internet I won’t be going there again!

  4. Just read that review and it’s very very harsh. Been a client for many many years and i enjoy my conversations, the environment, and all the stylist there. I love trying new things and change it up every spring and fall, so I am going to get my hair done with Lilean and excited to look great for the summer. Alberto has done my hair a few times and he is awsome. I thought Testarossa and Folino’s were one in the same and work well together. They are down the hall from each other and they are all friends, seen it myself!!!!!!

  5. Ameila, I have to apologize to “Caliph” when I suggested that he may be on drugs. Based on your post above, I think YOU are the one on drugs. Testarossa and Folinos are two separate salons that could not be more different from each other ( different owners duh!). Testarossa loves Folinos for one single reason : ALL OF THE UN-HAPPY FOLINOS CUSTOMERS WHO GO TO TESTAROSSA TO GET THEIR HAIR FIXED !!. I dont know what you mean when you declare that you have “seen it for myself”, when you imply that testarossa and folinos “work well together”, again, THEY ARE 2 DIFFERENT SALONS !!! Have you ever asked TESTAROSSA what they think of Folinos? Folinos is the laughing stock of Yorkdale. Dont worry Ameila, everything will be just fine, I know an amazing eye doctor who will cure you of your vision problems, the eye doctor is also in the same hall as both Testarossa and Folinos !!! Its a one stop shop for you!! So this is what you should do: 1) Get your eyes checked. 2) Buy a pair of glasses, in your case maybe a pair of binoculars.2) Then go to Folinos and get your hair cut and hopefully with your new eye wear, you will finally SEE the light!! You will finally see just how bad your hair looks and how badly Folinos has been fooling you. 3) Take a walk down the hall to Testarossa to get your hair fixed, just like every other Folinos customer does.4) Finally, stay of the drugs. I think Testarossa is the SMARTEST salon in the world. Testarossa was smart to open a salon right next to Folinos because all Testarossa has to do is sit back and wait for Folinos customers to walk over to get their hair fixed, its quite the business plan I think. In fact, if I was so inclined, I would open a salon right next door to Folinos as well, I would call the salon “The Folinos REPAIR shop and salon”. I would get rich from simply fixing Folinos hair cuts. Of course, Im just joking, I wouldnt open a salon next to Folinos, I would open a hat store and give hats away for free to all of the Folinos customers.

  6. I recently went to get my hair trimmed after work. I went in on my break to ask how much it would be and was told 55. When i went after I was done work less than 4 hours later I was directed to the stylist Adam and started to be bombarded with how I should get highlights in my hair. Boarderline pressured at this point I clearly stated I was there for only a trim and explained what I wanted. He brought me back to the sink and started to wash my hair. Half way threw he told me the price was 70. I Obviously couldn’t leave at this point I had already started the process. We got to the chair and he continued to go on about my colour making me feel insecure and very uncomfortable. The stylist then tried to convince me out of getting what I wanted done. A simple trim and bangs is all I wanted. By the end of the cut he had cut layers which I said several times I did not want and butchered my bangs. The layers I got were uneven and the bangs looked like steps that did not flow into the rest of my hair at all. I can no longer wear my hair up as it is so noticeably uneven and now have to pin my bangs completely back. The stylist actually told me that one side of your hair is always longer than the other and that is just the way it is. When I went home and brushed my hair I noticed just how terrible the cut was and was in tears all night. When I called and talked to the manager to get my money back he refused and told me he could cut it to make it better. Unfortunately this doesn’t solve my problem as I don’t want my hair any shorter than it is and my hair use to be very long. The simple trim didn’t even happen it is all uneven in the back. If getting my hair cut so terribly wasn’t bad enough dealing with the manager has been awful. After I came in a showed him the cut he flat out told me there was nothing wrong with it and that he wouldn’t give me back my money. After I told him I had been in customer service for years and know that the customer is always right and you can always do something for a customer and argued with him in length about how I found it very unfortunate that he felt this way because word of mouth is terrible and I work in the same mall as his salon he then gave me a gift certificate for the amount i spent. My friend went in and he told her I could use it on products as I obviously do not want them touching my hair again. I went in on my break today to redeem it and he said I could only get one thing and it was shampoo and that was it. I’ve never ever been treated with such disrespect in my life and if I wasn’t already working every day for the rest of my life I would sit outside the salon and tell everyone who goes in to save them the heartache I am going through now.

  7. Butchers not Hair stylists

    I went to Folino’s for the first time and was extremely unhappy. I had Rose as my hair stylist and sat down with her and explained what I wanted. Cut my bangs, frame my face, and add invisible layers to the bottom.My hair is so thick that any blunt cutting will make my hair unmanageable. I stressed this plenty of times. My hair dresser says this style has to be done dry with the hair dead straight so that you can see the layering properly. After telling Rose this she still tried to get me to wash my hair so she could cut it wet. I had already washed it, dried it, and straightened it. I had specifically requested a dry cut only. I was quoted by a male for $30 and then quoted again later in the same day by a female for $40-$50. It ended up being $50. I asked for only a inch to a maximum of two off. I received at least three inches off even though Rose showed me she would only cut off an inch. She cut an inch of my bangs, bluntly and that was it. An inch cant even be classified as a bang. she cut one piece to “frame” my face. For the invisible layers there were none. She cut the bottom of my hair blunt. When she was “done” she showed me the back. I said it was blunt and I didnt like it. She “fixed” it again and it was still blunt. For the third and last time before she hurried me out of the chair. Rose picked up two random pieces and basically said she fixed it and was done and pushed me to the cash. The whole of my hair was blunt and randomly picking up two pieces doesnt fix it. Not 100% happy I still paid and left to go home. When I got home I got to inspect my hair more and found out that underneath and only on the left side of my head that she cut two blunt layers that started an inch inside on either side on the left side of my hair. There was no cause for this. I wanted invisible layering and no blunt cutting. She can’t even say she misunderstood because it is only on one side of my head. When I got a friend to check for more issues at the back since its hard to see with a mirror. She found uneven lengths, inches in difference. I called to ask for my money back because they butchered my hair. The owner laughed and said they dont do that. He wanted Rose to fix my hair (free of charge) which I accepted but I didnt want Rose doing it again because she didnt understand the first time. I called the owner back to say that I wasnt comfortable and would prefer to have my money back, the owner hung up on me. Reluctantly I went back in and saw a different hair dresser. She pointed out all the problems without me having to tell her. She couldnt fix the majority of what had been done, but at least it was somewhat even. When I proceeded to talk to the owner after this ‘fix” he walked away in the middle of me speaking. When I spoke with him on the phone he also wanted to sit Rose and me down to find out whose fault it was? Excuse me?! It is hers. It wasnt just that she didnt get the style right she didnt cut my hair even and the differences was INCHES! isnt that hair dressing 101? Rose also told me repeatedly throughout my hair cut that I had the wrong style and was ranting about texture. She didnt listen to what I wanted and proceeded to do what she wanted to do. Apparently that was to butcher my hair.

    I would run away as fast as you can from this hair salon. The hair stylists butcher your hair. The owner is a greedy fraud who doesnt care about the service you receive. The prices are not fair and being quoted different numbers is unprofessional. $50 for a DRY CUT is totally unreasonable. I will not be going there again.

  8. I must share my experience at the folinos yorkdale salon. I started going to a young lady there a few years ago . She was ok , didn’t speak english very well but had been with the company for many years .although she delivered satisfactory results ,I always felt rushed and over charged for the quality of work. I tried a few other people their , and they were even worse .They all seemed a little lost ( not to be mean) , just not focused and confident.

    Swearing to never set foot in their again , an employee of mine comes into work with the most fabulous cut and ombré color. Naturally , I asked her where she got it done and she said folinos. Shocked ! I asked who did it for you is she new? Shes not new i just never gave her a go- Well I now found myself a new hair stylist! After seeing my stylist, Josie , twice now I’ve never been more pleased with my hair and the service. She’s funny, informative and educated and I would encourage everyone to get there hair done by her . She’s absolutely wonderful and extremely talented . Unfortunatley, I had to get butchered many times but now ive never been more pleased.

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