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3 thoughts on “L’Attitudes”

  1. Last night I chanced a last minute appointment at L’attitudes at the Upper Canada Mall.

    It was really dead so they were able to fit me for a wash and cut. A simple bob. Lucky was my stylist as I have used him on previous occasions. He used to be a very charismatic guy, last night there was as much personality as a plank.

    I have no complaint regarding the quality of my cut.
    The wash itself was performed well and apart from the fact the assistant was either shy or did not try to talk to me, I also cannot complain.

    What I will complain about is how much I was charged, I was charged $55, this is for a cut that they advertise as being between $45 and $50 for a Master Stylist, add on a tip and tax and I paid over $72, for a CUT.

    I argued the price but Joe, another stylist there, who aggressively argued that Lucky usually charges $60, so $55 was a steal.

    I have been in retail for over 20 years now and I am a bit of a stickler on sticking to your policies, so why give your customers the wrong price information to start with. Check there leaflets and promotional material and you will clearly see what I am talking about.

    My advise, get the stylist himself/herself to agree the price upfront. Lucky was lucky to rip me one last time. Ethics and code of conduct prevail in my books.


    1. This salon is a joke…no hairdresser in that place is a liscenced hairdresser! Ask them to show you their liscence!…they won’t..why cause they don’t have one! They not have a set price..cause he new owners are greedy and will over price you if you dint pay attention! They give bullshit cuts .do a couple of fancy tricks and then charge you 60 + taxes for a cut! Never again will I go there

  2. L’Attitudes is not a professional salon what so ever. The young girls that the new owner hired should tell you that he is a pervert and not looking for professional stylist. They sit around .. they are rude little girls, they dont know how to cut hair and got confused when I asked for a violet red hair colour. The salon is filthy and are over priced for the shitty service and cut my husband and I got. I would rather go to the Hair School in Newmarket for colour and a cut…they pay more attention to detail and not your wallet.

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