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YM Wellness & Spa

2 thoughts on “YM Wellness & Spa”

  1. This place is a scam!! I had bought one of their packages for four services-haircut, massage, facial and manicure. Its all a lie. The manicure included nothing but simply removing and putting a new nail polish..they kept on insisting to upgrade and spend more money…

    For the facial and massage I had booked an appointment, the manager was so rude, I have never been spoken to so badly in my life, she refused to take me in for two services when I had clearly made an appointment. The facial was a cleanse of my make up and scrub, nothing else. I was taken into this dirty small room, I saw another room named facial room, and questioned why I was not taken there, they said I could pay $30 more and be taken there..again here being asked to upgrade and pay! Ridiculous. The staff was rude when I came instead of being helpful, they said come another day for the massage, and said keep waiting outside 15 minutes, we are busy.

    I don’t know how this place runs. Never Ever go to them, they do not know customer service one bit!! All they ask is to pay more money. Jennifer was the name if the manager, and if anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. They are a rip off, and rude people. I want to warn people not to get ripped of by this place. I called the manager back and she denies having been rude at all, and says her staff made a mistake and when I told her I will be writing a review, she said go do what you want!!!

  2. This is absolute non sense. I remembered her because I was there that day. I heard noise from outside. This lady represented a coupon which has already expired on that day and insisted on getting a free massage. You dont scratch out on the date when your promotion coupon has already expired. That’s just too funny and childish. There is no obligation that she should be given it for free. If you cannot afford coming to the spa to enjoy, then stay home. You are just bringing troubles to other people’s business. I am a business owner myself as well. We see all kinds of people everyday and we tried to be nice to them. Let’s hope that we dont see these people often in the business. Funny people…

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