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NRG Hair Studio

2 thoughts on “NRG Hair Studio”

  1. Bad cut. Asked for a half in off… Cut 3 to4 inches…. Ruined 9 months of growing my hair out …..had to go to another salon to fix the disaster. Of course noe near bald after 9 months of growth. Discussed what I wanted and she enen had the audacity to say ivthought this would be better. What ever happened to the customer is right

  2. I agree to the above. I went in to get partial highlights in light blond. Sandra kept experimenting with low lights and hilites I went in with coffee brown base now I am left with 4-5 different shades of copper every other colour except the blond that I wanted. Now I have to colour my head black as I cant afford to experiment it anymore. I hate it how they emphasize their own want to us rather than listening to what we are saying as we want. They do as they please and charge a ridiculous amount. Never going back there ever again.

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