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Moon Hair Studio

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  1. Annonymus August 6, 2011 at 11:55 am - Reply

    Our experience with Moon Hair Studio was the WORST ever. When they first opened, they sold us a gift card which included details about 4 different visits. We were told that anyone could use the gift card and the number on the gift card should be stated when booking appointments. If we called to book an appointment and said that we had the gift card, they would hang up the phone or claim that they were really busy. So we decided to walk in and book the appointments. The lady at the reception desk was very RUDE. It seemed as though they didn’t want to honor the gift card even though we had it. This it was not satisfactory. The people there had no sense of customer service. Furthermore, since we had paid for the certificate we had to use remaining three visits. In my second visit, they wouldn’t let us use the gift card saying that the person who advertised it made mistakes so we couldn’t use it. When we asked for the manager, all the employees said that they didn’t have the manager’s number or didn’t know the manager’s working hours. What a LIE……!. Anyway, we found out from another lady, that the manager was actually the person we were dealing with. Because they lied to us, she didn’t even want to take responsibility as a manager. In fact, believe it or not, she even brought her family members including her kid who was running around all over the place. There was no sense of professionalism. In fact, she would walk away and disappear because she didn’t want to deal with us. Rather than accommodating us because of the mistakes made by the person who was advertising, she told us to leave because we were upset and didn’t want to provide us the service that was promised and CLEARLY STATED ON THE GIFT CARD. I clearly think that they used the advertiser as an excuse. They got people to buy the gift cards so that they could earn money but would not honour the gift card. I request anyone looking into visiting this studio, please don’t go. There’s much better places in Mississauga with way better customer service. The manager and Moon Studio doesn’t want new clients. They don’t care about their business so why should you!

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