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May Hui’s Hair Design

4 thoughts on “May Hui’s Hair Design”

  1. I do not recommend getting your hair permanently straightened (magic perm, japanese straightening) done here. i had it done 2 weeks ago and my hair is falling out in chunks.

    i’ve had this treatment done for years at a salon in toronto and never had this issue. i decided to try this salon because it’s closer to home. the owner of the salon refuses to refund the 250 i spent or admit they did anything wrong (even as my hair was shedding on their floor as we spoke)

    1. Ashley Stephens

      Really? Your hair was falling out as you spoke? You may be upset but that is a little exaggerated.

      I have been perming my hair straight from May Hui’s Hair Design for 7 years there and have never had a problem. I found them really informative in after care, because perming your hair straight is as damaging as perming your hair curly. Did you buy professional treatments? and shampoos/ conditioners to maintain your after the treatments? It could be possible that you are not doing the after care, and you can not blame a professional for something like that.

      Honestly, they have been around for over 15 years and I think they know what they are doing. 🙂

  2. I had the same bad experience. They damaged my hair. I was asking for a refund and the owner tried to fix it instead of giving me the refund. I thought she would apply some treatment but she jus repeated the same procedures and applied the same chemicals, it turned out my hair got burned.

    Do not go to this salon for hair straightening!

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