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Hair-Ation 1 Hair Design

1 thought on “Hair-Ation 1 Hair Design”

  1. I went to Hairation on July 24th 2012. Upon arrival the only staff present (the stylist & receptionist) informed me that they had tried to change my appointment time but couldn’t get a hold of me (they never took down my phone number when I booked the appointment). Apparantly they had said yes to another client and so double booked my time. They decided to “get me started quickly before he arrived”. The stylist rushed the partial highlight process and I immediately knew that the result was not going to be good. She spent a total of 10 minutes doing the highlights. She left me under the hair dryer far too long while she attended to her other client. When she finally shampooed me, she applied another chemical to my hair and told me to wait 10 minutes, I asked what it was and she said just a toner. It smelled very strong. After rinsing my hair she showed me the highlights. It was horrible. The dye had bled and I had large blotches of blonde spots along my scalp. I told her to stop immediately I didn’t want her touching my hair any further. She tried to convince me this is what it was supposed to look like. My roots were bleach blonde (my hair is naturallu light brown) and strands were still brown. The ends of my hair had a greenish tinge. I left very upset, ran my finger through my hair in the car and a large chunk of burnt up blonde hair came out. I immediately re-entered the salon asking them to wash my hair to ensure all the chemicals were removed. She agreed, washed my hair and then applied the strong smelling chemical toner again. I could smell it and feel it stinging and asked what she had put on my hair. She wouldn’t answer and just told me to wait 10 minutes. I told her it stung and she replied “it’s just a toner”. Which I did not ask for. She was clearly trying to fix something she knew was wrong, but did not have the skills or know-how to do so. I had her rinse my hair and again tried to explain to her that this was not correct. I ended up having to leave (without haircut or style) and had an emergency appointment booked at First Impressions in Brampton. The stylists there were appalled with what had been done to my hair. She spent 4 hours colour correcting my hair and cutting it in order to remove all the dead and fried hair as a result of my experience at Hairation. It cost me $125 dollars to correct my hair, and that is with a generous discount since my boyfriend has been a long time client of the salon. I would definitely not reccommend this salon to anyone as the stylist is incompetent and has no clue what she is doing.

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