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Beauty Glow Medi Spa

2 thoughts on “Beauty Glow Medi Spa”

  1. I went there because I bought a deal online. I should have known better, you get what you pay for. The whole experience left a very bad taste in my mouth. The building smells like pee! Very dirty. Bright green paint inside with dollar store decor. Owner I think an Indian lady, did treatment while talking on the phone half the time, leaving me in middle to take calls! Very loud with no regard for the client. The chair was broken and it kept moving through out and she was holding it with one hand and using the other for treatment! It was supposed to relax me instead I was frustrated and disappointed. I would never recommend anyone to go the there.

  2. I bought the coupon on line and I should have known better that you get what you pay for. you enter the building (which is in a very run down area) there are stairs going up, I did not see any elevator. I had to take stairs on 3rd floor. The moment I entered the building it smelled like pee!!! Really unclean and messy. I went to the salon and the owner I think an Indian lady greeted me. (The facility had really tacky decor and very bright colors that hurt your eyes) Then she took me to a room and asked me to change and lay down for the facial. The moment I got on the chair I realized that the chair is constantly moving as if it is not locked, when the lady came in room I notified her and she laughed it off, oh it is broken I will have it fixed!! She started the facial and while doing that she left me at least twice to take phone calls! And 2nd call she frankly brought into the room with her and she kept talking on phone while doing my facial, the chair kept moving every time I moved a bit and she kept trying to hold the chair with one hand while trying to do the facial with the other. While on the phone she was too loud without any regard. I went there for a relaxing massage and I came back really disappointed and frustrated. I will never recommend it to anyone. I learned my lesson, always check the facility and read the reviews before buying anything online. Good luck everyone!

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