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  1. Client August 29, 2012 at 2:36 pm - Reply

    I was recommeded to go to this Salon by a friend. Maria did my hair because that is who my friend recommended.
    I would never ever go back. She was completely unprofessional, she was moody, miserable and extremely vain she stared at herself in the mirror and checked her phone more times than I can count. I came out with a totally different colour than I asked for and when I expressed my displeasure she rolled her eyes.
    This has also caused tension between my friend and I.

  2. Alexandra Blue September 13, 2012 at 9:58 am - Reply

    I am sorry if this seems blunt, but this salon gave me the WORST UPDO EVER! I had high expectations, especially because I was a bridesmaid in a big wedding party getting their hair done here. The stylist (one of the twins) was rude and didn’t listen/made me feel uncomfortable and the bun she gave me should have been loose and soft. However, it looked like Princess Liea fought with a rat that decided to have babies on the side of my head. Honestly. Swedish Rats Nest. On the side of my HEAD! I asked her to loosen it and I asked her to move the bun down and make it not so ratty and flat…but she said it looked good! and so did her other stylists! I was like??? This is impossible!do they have it out for me? Anyways, we were running out of time and I was tired of saying “no please fix this, or that” and I was afraid at that point to take it out because then my hair would be ratty down instead of ratty up. Oh, Did I mention that I brought in about 10 pictures, of different angles that I wanted, and she said she could do it. Obviously, we interpreted a soft curl/bun very differently. I never complain about anything or speak my mind, so this shows how frustrated I am because those wedding pictures will be around FOREVER.AND SO WILL THAT RATTY BUN…GRRRR!

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