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Monet Salon

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  1. English1 August 10, 2011 at 5:53 am - Reply

    The stylist, Louie, was told my needs, but he ignored them.

    I went to Monet Salon to tidy my Victoria Beckham-style chin-length bob. Also, I told Louie that I am growing out my hair for a donation to Angel Hair for kids (http://www.acvf.ca/index.php/our-programs/angel-hair-for-kids/). By the time Louie finished, he had given me a layered bowl cut and shaved the back of my head. This was not what I asked for.

    During the cut, Louie offered highlights: Given his alleged thirty years experience as a hair dresser, he should know that any chemical treatment is a no-no for hair donation.

    With the layers Louie cut, my hair falls into my eye: I am an athlete and using product (I sweat product out) or tiny barrettes to keep my hair out of my face is suboptimal. The longest length falls at my nose. This is NOT a Victoria Beckham CHIN-LENGTH bob. I can’t even tuck my hair out of my face: I could do that with my original cut that I received at the 2011 Cancer Society Relay for Life following my hair donation in June.

    Why he shaved the back of my neck and head is beyond me. Other stylists have used electric shears to shape. This is what I experienced with another hairdresser. Louie explained, after shaving the back of my head without my permission, that the bare neck and head would make me feel “cooler.” Wrong! Into my first post-haircut workout, my head itched like mad and the I couldn’t apply sunblock enough to keep the skin from burning. It’s very uncomfortable and looks terrible…To make matters worse, I work in an office and need an easy to care for professional looking cut, not something that you would find on teenage boy.

    Also, the layers kept falling out the barrettes and poking me in the eye. When you are training hard at a pre-elite level, fiddling with barettes and product during practice are a sure fire way to gain the negative attention of a coach.

    I spoke to other people who had similar experiences with this stylist. One customer expressed distress: he went to Monet salon with specific instructions. His preferred stylist was not available, but Louie was, and Louie ignored his instructions. The client went home upset, and resolved to not allow Louie near his hair. Louie is good at the cutting styles he knows, but he ignores the requests and needs of the client.

    For me, Louie at Monet Salon added an additional year or two to regrowth for my next hair donation, ignored my request and gave me a very impractical haircut.

    You could say this is a good salon, if you don’t mind paying for a service you don’t want.

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