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Ka Tina’s Hair Salon

2 thoughts on “Ka Tina’s Hair Salon”

  1. Its a rip off. they messed up my hair and on top of it being effed up they tried to charge me for crap that made no sense. I paid them regardless but i def. regret it now shouldve just walked out. Went to a different salon right after bougth hair dye to fix my hair colour they screwed up.
    I wouldnt go back there if you paid me.
    Oh and did i mention they were complete b*tches about it when i told them nicely thats not what i had asked for?

  2. The two hair dressers spoke their own language, while i was there, and i couldve sworn they were talking about me. So uncomforatable. I speak a second language too but i would never do that if i had a salon, not in front of customers while id be cutting their hair. They were doing that the whole time. It was really rude. Beside that point it was easy to tell how money hungry they are, then again who isnt these days? but surprisingly they didnt show good cutomer care which is stupid of them because thats what would bring in money in their business. Another point to be made; they also had clients of the same nationality and it was really obvious they played favorites with them which…isn’t professional at all. While at work, treat everyone with the same respect dont be super nice to some and indifferent to others, at least dont make it that obvious. You should treat everyone equally if you’re going to call yourself a professional.

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