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JP’S Hair & Aesthetics

9 thoughts on “JP’S Hair & Aesthetics”

  1. JP’s on Ottawa & Weber in Kitchener is not a good hairdresser. They cut my hair into a bad bob with 1 and half inch short layers on one side and no layers on the other side. They undercut my hair so it looks like a toddler did it. Please never go to this salon. They are very amateurish and do not cut hair even at all!!!

  2. I had got some coupons for this place and thought I’d take my friend and I for a Pedicure. Well, it took them 3 hours to get a manicure and a pedicure. You think that much time at the salon that i’d have some pretty fantastic looking nails. Not, a)they let my friend leave with not even 1 minute of drying time on her finger nails, and both our nailpolish started chipping the next day. On top of that, they only had 15 colours of mixed match brands of nailpolish they probably just get on sale at walmart.
    I have another couple friends who also went here because they had the same coupon, and they both complained about the same things, lack of colours, slow service and chipping the next day. Don’t waste your time or your money. Paint your own nails or go somewhere else.

    1. Was that three hours for both you and your friend. It sounds like you did not let them dry, I dont think that was the salons fault. I go to JPs and find the service professional, clean and they are all qualified. Maybe you should call them and ask them to repolish your nails. I am sure they have a waiting area for you to use….a nice one at that!

  3. Purchased Wag Jag vouchers for family & friends for Christmas. 3 of the people I
    bought for said when they called to make an appointment they were told there was no room for the next month and would have to call back. Finally, the vouchers expired and all three of those people were told they would have to pay an additional $15 to extend their voucher. Called the owner to discuss and the whole time she was yelling and making excuses of why this is an appropriate way to do business. Clearly I was not the first person to call and enquire. I didn’t really get a chance to say anything to her, she was talking the whole time and wouldn’t let me speak at all. I WILL NOT BUY FROM THIS SALON AGAIN….I can’t believe they are getting away with this sort of thing. Classy people admit their mistakes not make excuses for them.

  4. Never again will we go there. My wife was 3 minutes late and they said our voucher was voided. Then as we tried to get them to reconsider they said we were 10 minutes late, then the lady there looked at my wife whose hair was in a pony tail and said that she had too much hair, so so very unprofessional for a Kitchener business. I was so upset i nearly called the better business bureau on them. I even tried to call them about 1/2 hr later and after 4 attempts just give up as i kept getting the machine, never buying another voucher for their service.

  5. Gina. i did you and your friends nails would just like to point out that three hrs is how long it would typically take for one esthetician to do two manicures and two pedicures on their own. The slon also let everyone who was coming in twos that booked on days there was only one esthetician know at the time they booked the appointment that they would be there at least three hrs. so it’s not like you werent aware how long you were going to be there. Have you and your friend ever had a mani pedi before? Also if the experience was that bad why are you making stuff up just to make it seem worse than it was. First of all we have a large selection of polished to choose from all of which were either opi or china glaze none of which walmart carries to my knowledge, and second of all if your friend only had one minutes drying time that’s she was impatient and chose to leave right away we don’t! shove people out the door as soon as we are done with them. And as far as your nails chipping the next day, well the rest of your complaint was a hogwash so that was probably made up as well.

  6. frustrated. are you aware that those vouchers sold over six hundred in less than 24 hrs. we had to hire two extra estheticians and we were only making 5.5 off of each voucher. not to mention i was o comission and was only making $2.50 for every person i was spending an hr and a half with. I was working no stop 30 hr weeks doing only wagjags just so i could try to acomodate everyone. I have 2 kids and was litterally bringing home no pay check. i’m verry sorry you feel $15 dollars was too much money to spend to use an expired voucher and fyi we were honering them for anyone who actyally called the salon before the expiry date. we understand the situation was a big inconvenience for a lot of people we certainly didn’t intend to sell that many vouchers and tried our hardest to acomodate everyong. But bottom line i’m not going to work fo next to nothing for months on end because you spent 20 bucks we were under no obligation to honor them at all aft the exp. date and everyone who didn’t get to use theirs was offered a full refund. classy people tell the actual event when lodging a complaint!

  7. I got a botched colour job, a terrible hair cut and was over charged for a service I didn’t ask for. I will never be coming here again.

  8. This was the worst hair cut I’ve ever gotten and I don’t trust any of the ladies who work there enough to have it fixed. I asked for a trim and they took about 3 inches off my hair. I’m trying to grow it out! The layers are all choppy and it looks absolutely terrible. I asked for a wash and go style and it is NOT what I got.

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