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PJ Macs Grimsby

1 thought on “PJ Macs Grimsby”

  1. After being a client of this salon’s owner (the J in PJ Mac’s) for a number of years, and initially bringing new clients into the business, I experienced an unbelievably long, bad day of cut and highlights culminating in the WORST, most severe, unflattering haircut of my life
    Unfortunately for me, this mess of a haircut is the result of an owner being oblivious not only to the very poor service in her salon but ignoring my every request regarding my hair.

    The salon owner produced (in a rushed state for her but after a THREE HOUR wait process for me!) the polar opposite of what I requested and gave me a shapeless, uneven, severe bob flat on top, fuzzy in texture (due to highlighting) with random short chopped bits and took over 6 inches off my hair resulting in collar-length, at best, hair.

    This devastating event is so NOT what I was looking for when I requested a shoulder-length updated shag (NOT A BOB!) with volume on top and layers. I reiterated my requests throughout the entire painful process (showing pictures) but was repeatedly ignored and told that I should trust her.

    I would normally walk away from an extremely negative experience like this, and never return, but I feel so badly betrayed (after being a longer-term client and for allowing her to cut, not trim, my hair after over two years of patronage) that I am posting this so that new and prospective clients can be forewarned. I am extremely disappointed and ripped off!

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