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Fiorio At The Beach

11 thoughts on “Fiorio At The Beach”

  1. Once a gem – now the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced!
    All the good staff are quiting – I’m right behind them!

    I have been going to Fiorio at the Beach for almost 5 years. I pre-book my next appointments as soon as I finish before I leave the salon. I go every 6 weeks and spend on average between $180 – $250, including tip and whatever product they recommend that day. You would think this would make me one of their valued customers – so did I! How wrong I was!

    I was very happy with my colorist and stylist, but the last time I was in, I learned Billy (he had been there since it opened, and widely known as their best stylist) left Fiorio, so I went with the stylist my trusted colorist recommended. I have to say, it was the worst cut I’ve ever had! I would have been better off going to Top Cuts. I asked her to take off an inch and follow the cut Billy had been giving me for over a year. She took off more than 4 inches and gave me long bangs instead of softly framing my face. While she was cutting, I told her I thought she was cutting too much. She laughed a little and said she was just layering – the end result was disasterous! Not to mention crocked! I had to go to another salon to even out the bottom and do something with the heavy long bangs, just to be presentable.

    Understanding I would need to find another stylist, I was still quite happy with my colorist. As I mentioned, I have been going to her for almost 5 years, so I was okay with her stepping away from time to time when she was doing my hair to deal with other things… I had no idea she was taking my business for granted and giving me second rate service.

    Today, I went to my scheduled appointment at 10 am. When I arrived, the receptionist (a new receptionist, Pauline – the previous receptionist was amazing, but she also recently quit) was on the phone with a personal call, so I waited. I told her my name, but she couldn’t find the appointment in the computer. She was rude and dismissive and said she could reschedule during the working day on select days this week between 10 am and 3 pm, but couldn’t schedule an evening or weekend appointment for another 3 to 4 weeks. I work during the day, and its very difficult to take 3 hours out of the day for an hair appointment – this is why I pre-book!

    I asked to speak to the manager, who wasn’t there. I asked for the phone # of the manager and owner, she refused to give me the owner’s number. I asked her to give me the head office number, but she again refused. She told me to go home and google it if I wanted it!!! Can you believe it??? Obviously I was frustrated and asked to speak with the senior person in salon at the time. She stepped away for 12 minutes (being frustrated, I timed it) and finally reappeared, saying she can’t come down and she agreed with Pauline that I should go home and google the number. I asked who “she” was, Pauline told me it was the senior colorist. This is when I asked, “is that Margarita? My colorist?” Pauline finally admitted that my own colorist, who I had been going to for years, the person who had interrupted my services almost every time to ‘deal’ with other things, had no time to come down to see me! Even more upsetting, Margarita agreed with the exceptionally poor customer service of not even giving me the phone number! So much for the $40 tips and client relationship I thought we had!

    There is definitely something going on there. Their best stylist left, the receptionist quit, there has been a steady flow people coming and going…. that’s never a good sign. For years, the service was impecable! Everyone from the receptionist to the people that wash your hair was friendly and welcoming. Now, they offer you a coffee, and you never receive it – or worst – they move your appointment and never tell you about. When you arrive, they treat you like they are doing YOU a favour!!!

    I will never go back! I will take my $2,000+ a year habit of having my hair done somewhere else!!!

    Do yourself a favour – don’t bother!

  2. I found this page and your comment because I am trying to find the salon that Billy now works at (if he is in fact still in the city.) I just had a very similar experience and am not happy with my haircut, the stylist I had, and the atmosphere/reception. I would, however, still recommend Alexis (a junior colourist).

  3. I went to Fiorio Beaches for the first time. All they had available was a Level 1…which I was fine with. A place like Fiorio surely has good level 1 cuts, right? WRONG. I went in with waist length hair with long layers….very trendy. I asked for quite a bit of length off (to mid back) and long layers, showing a picture of exactly what I was looking for – straight with long layers. I told her that usually when I get my hair cut, I can just blow dry it with my fingers – no round brush needed, as I have straight hair. She spent so much time yapping and slowly blowdrying so she could dry cut, that someone had to tell her to hurry up. I was in for 1.5hours for a wash/cut/blowdry.

    When she rushed through the cut at the end, I was not happy. I looked in the mirror and it was bottom heavy, and looked flat at the roots. It also appeared uneven on each side, however I figured it was just me freaking out that it was a bit shorter than expected. I told her it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, and so she took the texture sissors and continued chopping. She didn’t once uses regular shears to cut layers – only the texturizing scissors – which a 2year old can use. I tipped her well and left.

    When I got home, I was in tears. I couldn’t believe a salon let a client walk out looking like that – a flat, lifeless hairdo heavy on bottom. AND….when I took a rear-view mirror, I noticed VERY uneven! Like a First Choice Haircutters cut! looked so cheap! I mean c’mon I just spent $60bucks!!!! I called them, they offered to have a Level 2 fix it the next day. So I went. She chopped so much more off of course, to fix it. Nobody apologized, and I was given attitute by reception and the Level 2. I showed her the picutre and she minimized it saying ‘oh you just want more layering…”. So she cut and cut and cut, she did spend a full hour dry-cutting which I appreciated. But said not even 2 words to me. I again, tipped her. Came out, with hair just past my shoulders. And when I washed and blow dried it myself, it fell all wonky. ABSOLUTELY NOT what I asked for. NOthing like the picutre. Honestly, if you can’t do it, don’t even try.


  4. I’m afraid I would have to agree with the above comments. I started going about 3 years ago, to Billy and was very happy. Billy left and went to Marc Antony. I think he is now back at Fiorio but the Yonge/St. Clair location. AFter Billy left I wen with Albert who was good but not Billy. The last 3 appointments I had were changed by the salon at the last minute. The first one, which was in May 2012, was rebooked because Albert had a family issue come up. I got Oxana who gave me the best haircut I have ever had. I rebooked with her at the end of this appointment for an appointment 6 weeks later. The night before my appointment I got a voicemail message at home (so of course it was late in the evening by the time I got home- they seem to be too stupid or just don’t care enough to try to reach you in person when they are cancelling at the last minute) saying that my cut for the next day with Oxana would have to be rebooked with someone else because she had accepted a managerial position and would be leaving in 2 weeks. This astounded me, that my haircut would be so cavalierly cancelled because the stylist would be leaving 2 weeks AFTER my appointment. I was able to get Albert 2 weeks later (at which time Oxana was supposed to be gone) and when I showed up for my appointment Oxana was still there. My next appintment was this past Saturday, August 18, and of course I got a voicemail message, at home (of course- they haev my work number) on the Thursday before my appoitnment telling me that Albert had left. The voicemail proposed Vladimir, the new (presumably) senior stylist. I was pretty ticked off since this was 3 appointments in a row that the salon had cancelled on me because of a sytlist leaving or not being available (I do understand about last minute family emergencies). I called them back and asked for Vladimir but, of course, he had already been booked and they could only offer a junior stylist. Iw as not interested because like another poster I have not had good luck with their junior stylists. If a salon cares about its clients wouldn’t they have tried to get me immediately to book me with their senior stylist? Needless to say, I will NOT be going back to Fiorio because their customer service is non-existent. I e-mailed head office about this but have not heard back.

  5. I too have realized what bad customer service Fiorios in the beach offer. Even their long time customers. I have recently heard that
    Albert my stylist has left the company much to my chagrin.

  6. I have to say, I also agree with the above comments. They are not friendly at all. Margarita is an amazing colourist and I loved her when I first started going there when they first opened. Then it just got way to busy!! I had to book her a month in advance.
    I now go to the Bayview Fiorio location and have been for the last 3 years and they are AMAZING!!! Norma is excellent in colouring and highlights and Ariadna has always given me the best haircuts. I have NEVER been disappointed. Furthermore, reception there is the BEST!! They are so organized and friendly. Perhaps the beaches location should send their reception and staff there for some top notch training. I’m sure if Maurice Fiorio new this he would be ashamed to have his name behind such terrible service in the Beaches location. The compliments I now receive for my hair is something else, thank you to the Bayview location. Actually, come to think of it, the Beaches location did me a favour cause I now have the best colourist and hair stylist!! Thank you!!

  7. I have to say, this has been my experience exactly. Started going there three years ago, to Billy and loved it. After he left, I went to Oxana and loved her. Tried to book with her again and was told she was no longer there. They suggested a more junior stylist, which I presumed would be ok because I figured it’s Fiorio, they would be well-trained. I really did not like the cut and felt like she didn’t really listen to me. It could have been a First Choice haircut, which is not what I expect of this salon. I’ve also had last-minute cancellations, a cavalier attitude at reception, the overly chatty jr person blowdrying my hair for what seems like an hour and the voicemails left at home when I’ve asked over and over for them to call my cell. It’s too bad to see things go downhill so noticeably when it’s one of the only higher-end salons in the area.

  8. Butchered in the Beach

    got my hair butchered for $90

    I went in, said:
    1. ‘I do NOT use product in my hair’
    2. ‘can you cut my hair like this grown old cut?’
    3. ‘I will be HAPPY if you can cut my hair like this, I really like how its feminine & whispy around the temples. I want it a bit whisperier at the back.’
    4. I want this same haircut’
    5. ‘like how the bangs sit on the side’

    he whacked it all off to less than 1cm on the sides. no wisps. when I tried to find some wisps, he said, well, you can make it ‘piecey if you use product’. I almost slapped him.
    he asked ‘do you like it?’ I looked at him like he was f’king mental & said, “I guess that’s the best you can do” oddly, he took that as a compliment.

    my husband was appalled: his first words were, ‘oh, Sweetheart, I’m so sorry!’

    I almost cried when I got out of the shower this morning. its a disaster. I look like a nun, or Hitler, or an early incarnation of freaking Dr.Who.
    I do NOT look like a woman who paid $90 for a feminine haircut, which was supposed to follow the dotted line on a **more skilled $30 haircut** she got in a different city.

    the self-satisfied git -who thought he could ‘improve’ on what I specifically requested- ruined my hair for the next 6-8 weeks & makes me feel like crap, whenever I look in the mirror.

    I hope he goes bald, or gets slapped crosseyed by the next woman ewose hair he butchers.
    he’s lucky that I’m a pacifist.


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