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  1. guest July 29, 2011 at 12:39 pm - Reply

    One of my biggest mistakes was trusting this salon to put in my extensions; the experience was riddled by incompetence and ego from beginning to end i.e. incorrect length of extensions and multiple poor haircuts after wards, and did not reflect the level of experience that one expects from their prices. I ended up with traction alopecia (hair loss) which is upsetting in itself, but what added insult to injury is the way in which the salon dealt with my concerns i.e. dismissing them and talking constantly about how they are, “the best”.
    I went to another salon to have the extensions removed– the person who removed them was shocked by the poor quality of their work.

  2. disastified patron June 15, 2012 at 11:56 pm - Reply

    If I can help one other person in avoiding this salon it will be worth it. I too had 2 horrific extension experiences at this salon. I chose this salon because of their ‘purported specialty’ of Great lengths extensions . The first experience was a nightmare – colour which had to be done on my hair first of course, had to be re highlighted 2 times over a couple of days before my extensions were put in. The colourist Charlene actually handled it well, except that a ‘top colourist’ who works on media, TV celebrities as they claim, should get the colour right the first – not third – time.

    The real horror show was the extension appt with Dee. I am a professional business person who deals with detailed oriented clients every day. Dee is technically challenged in applying the extensions, very rough,applied way too many ( to increase $$ to client/$$ in their pockets!) too tight and in a haphazard pattern . I have had GL extensions placed before in another Canadian City and from the start of the day to the end Dee was rude, would just leave the salon ( once for more than an hour without telling me first, complaining about her period). I was shocked that the application of my shoulder length extensions took 7 hours!!!! Totally ridiculous and the sign of a person who is not passionate nor technically talented at her job. The worse part was her 5 minute $200 hair cut at the end. Actually there was no cut – I immediately had to make an appt with a salon in Yorkville and pay again to have the extensions blended and styled…..A couple of my calls regarding how extremely tight the extensions were placed and the poor quality cut were simply ‘blown off’ by Dee and the receptionist and in fact ‘put on me’ as if I didn’t realize that they are the best. The owner Christian is never there, so no one is accountable to the clients.

    Of all my extension applications they are the MOST EXPENSIVE and least talented by far!! I went back for a second applications ( yah I know?) thinking that it had to be better the second time. Perhaps the first experience was just a ‘bad day’ at he salon. Oh no, EVEN WORSE on every level. They even charged me considerably more the second time and Dee tried to rationalize that I was UNDERCHARGED the previous visit – COME ON!!! There appears to be a ‘sliding scale ‘ of fees based on what they want to charge you.

    PLEASE save yourself the headache ( literally), heartache and $$ and research and go elsewhere. I have since found a great place. The irony is that this salon is associated with GL but among the hair industry I since found out when researching for a better salon, that they really are considered the ‘laughing stock’ of GL extensions in the TO area.

    This salon should not be affiliated in any way as being representative of the GL product – any salon will treat you better, charge more realistic fees and actually appreciate you as the client.

    Stay away from this place…..Good luck

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