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Studio Kolore Hair Spa


  1. Robert Lewis June 19, 2011 at 10:50 pm - Reply

    I was impressed by the prompted service. I was able to make my other appointments that day. Had alot of comments on my hair. Thanks Kolore for saving me that day i needed you. I`ll be back.

  2. Donna October 13, 2011 at 10:36 pm - Reply

    Will never go back. Service was terrible and my hair is now ruined. I will bad mouth this salon to save everyone from what they did to me

  3. Rosslyn PIcton December 30, 2011 at 2:41 pm - Reply

    WOW!!! I am now looking at the other bad reviews!!!! I had 3 previous bad hair experiences so put an ad up on Kijiji for an “EXPERIENCED/INNOVATIVE” stylist. Instead I received one response from Leah at Kolore. I went in and had a consultation with her 2 weeks prior to my appt. I did not know that she was an apprentice. I only found that out when I was already in the chair and she was having her work checked by Enzo, the “creative director”. It was the FOURTH BAD haircut!. One side of my hair is shorter than the other, it is completely mis-shapen and Enzo cut into the back with a ‘scissored’ layer straight across the back of my head. If this is any kind of style, no one would want it!!!! I tried emailing Leah but received no response so then called the salon to speak with Enzo but he is only concerned with his massive ego. I asked for a refund, but he only offered to ‘fix’ my hair, he ‘doesn’t offer refunds’. He also told me HE was offended that I didn’t want him to touch my hair as it is now too short to do anything with. He had NO concern for me as the customer. I was to go up there to see him today, but decided not to bother as I already feel he will not offer me a refund and I am stuck for the 4th time waiting for my hair to grow out. Obviously after reading some other reviews here, this salon is the pits!!!!!! Stay far away, they are incompetent and their motto obviously isn’t: ‘the customer is ALWAYS right’. DON’T GET YOUR HAIR DONE HERE, you will be sorry!!!!!

  4. Jaqueline February 10, 2012 at 12:13 am - Reply

    I love my hair!!
    i asked for choppy short layers and that’s what i got. My hair looks fantastic. I have been going to this salon since they opened, watched them go under new management and grow from there. Fabulous service, fantastic coffee, beautiful salon and the spa section is divine! I defiantly recommend this salon to everyone! Everyone i have sent there walks out happy! 😀

  5. Yuania September 6, 2012 at 1:28 pm - Reply

    I being going to this Salon since they open I stop going for a while cuz them changing my hairdresser all the time, but since is open with a new management, is being great I just got my hair done a week ago and I’m really happy tumbs up for the new girls.:)

  6. Diane Ramsey October 4, 2012 at 12:53 pm - Reply

    A solicitor came to our office selling a spa services package which included “Glamorous Hair, Perfect Manicure, Fabulous Feet, and Fresh Face” on the assumption of New Management Grand Re-opening on August 30, 2012. This package was valid for 6 months and expired in March 2013. I, along with two co-workers, bought the package (my co-workers purchased it package as gifts for their wives).

    It is now October 4 and all three of us have been unable to schedule an appointment. First, Kolore wasn’t returning phone calls. Then Kolore’s mailbox was full, so you couldn’t even leave a message if you wanted to.

    I drove by today to find out what was going on only to encounter a construction crew re-building the space. I was able to get the landlord information with another tenant in the building. She mentioned to me that she had quite a few people coming into her space to complain about the exact same issue and called the whole situation a scam.

    I contacted the landlord and was told that Kolore packed up their belongings in the middle of the night and vacated the space without so much as a notice to the landlord. Unfortunately, he was unable to give me forwarding or contact info for legal reasons.

    I have contacted Kolore through Facebook and Twitter and have to receive a response.

    I have sympathy for business that go out of business. I get it. Times are tough. What bothers me is that you hired a company to solicit new clients on your behalf and obtain money. You must have known that Kolore was in dire straights. Why take people’s hard-earned money knowing full well you had no intention of providing the services.

    Please contact me so we can arrange for reimbursement. What you did was NOT COOL!

  7. Mary October 9, 2012 at 8:12 pm - Reply

    A few reasons why I haven’t even been to the spa and I already hate it.

    1. Dec. 2011- Two girls came to my college in Toronto and solicited KolorE Gift cards there worth $40 and are $120 value at the spa, they told a bunch of us that the spa re-opened and is now located in Queensway etc. etc… They told everyone that the “gift cards” we were buying were legitimate pieces since they were some sort of “opening gift” from the owner and are great christmas presents… My friend and I got excited and we decided to buy them, one for each of us. Many more girls lined up to buy the gift cards, and the two culprits ran out of them and promised to mail us more if we wanted them too.
    —Later on, my friend wanted to treat a friend of hers for a spa date, she called KOLOR E and learned that the gift cards were a scam. My friend told me and I called them as well, apparently the cards were all a scam and as a “refund” they will give all the consumers a $40 discount on all their services.

    2. May 2012 – I needed to have my hair done before I leave for vacation…So, I called in for an appointment to have my hair treated (deep conditioning), they told me I can use the card for the discount. I had no car that day so I estimated that the bus will take me an hour to get there (had to take 2) and about a 20 minute walk to their salon depending on the bus route I take. As I got on the 2nd bus, they called an hour before my appointment that the appointment is cancelled. The reason apparently was because the person who was suppose to be doing my hair changed shifts or was not there (I was on the bus so I couldn’t really hear him), all he said was that if I would like to reschedule appointments… It was VERY frustrating, so I told him I’d call him back.

    3. May 2012 – Two days after, I called them again telling them about my situation, I am leaving the country in 7 days and the “gift card” had a June 2012 expiry on it, I couldn’t use it before May because of school and work. I told the girl on the other end of the line that I had a previous appointment but it got cancelled because someone wasn’t there…etc… I also asked them if the expiry date on the card was still valid (I was coming back June) the girl who seemed lost as ever told me “Well, yeah…I think they are…But I’ll check up on that and I’ll get back to you”, She took my name, phone number and the day passed and I never heard from them again…

    I hope they catch whoever sold those “gift cards”, they sold it to dozens of girls at my school. They should get some surveillance tapes or something…

    Don’t waste your time here. Bad service, and the manager probably doesn’t even give a
    damn either.

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