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Ray Daniel Salon And Spa

3 thoughts on “Ray Daniel Salon And Spa”

  1. I booked an appointment for a pedicure and nails. I was doing a destination wedding and had my appointments booked back to back. They had no proper pedicure chairs. I sat on a regular hard chair and put my feet in a portable massager. Then i had to put my legs up on her lap so she can do my toe nails (very awkward and uncomfortable esp because i cracked my tail bone). Secondly, this salon does not do fake nails eventhough i booked an appointment for one. They only do cheap manicures. I was sent to the nail salon beside them the next day and they were told to do the cheapest job – I paid them extra on top of what I paid Ray DAniels to do a proper job. The owner is really rude, unprofessional and unaccomodating.

  2. I normally do not write reviews or comment, but this salon was just that bad, that I have to. I took my mom to get hair extensions put in. My mom already had the hair extensions purchased and needed them to attach it again. One of the stylist had put it on and charged ridiculously amount. We thought, fine, if it is worth it, so be it. In two days her hair extensions fell out just like that, so she had gone back to see if they can fix it for her. Not only were they rude, they accused her of taking out her extensions herself (which would make no sense since she paid quite a bit to get it fixed). On top of that she was going to charge her even more to fix it again. Yes, I understand it is an expensive process but professionalism lacked in this salon. The owner was absolutely rude. Nonetheless, my mom walked out of there and decided we’ll find a better place. Hope this review helps.

  3. this locations does not live up to the standards of other ray daniel salons. It’s untidy, unprofessional staff and stylists. You would think the prices were reasonable given the facts above, but it’s quite the contrary. Someone from head ofice needs to pay this place a visit and clean it up, get polite professional staff and then maybe call it a PROFESSIONAL HAIR SALON

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