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Vaffi Salon

6 thoughts on “Vaffi Salon”

  1. I went to this salon after purchasing a Groupon last weekend. I started off with a bad feeling after neither of the women introduced themselves – I was directed straight to the sink without any consultation of what I actually wanted done. I just wanted a simple cut with long layers. I have to say – this is the worst haircut I have ever received in my life. The ends are very blunt and choppy, both sides are noticeably uneven, and she took way too much off. My hair essentially looks like it was cut straight across at two different levels – there are no layers. I am really disappointed with the lack of skill the stylist had, and will have to have it fixed.

  2. I also purchased a Groupon and went to this salon on February 22nd. I COMPLETELY agree with the review from JB. Neither women said hello and the young woman who was to cut my hair seemed uninterested and indifferent. She washed my hair, and I asked for the slightest trim all over, and a bit more on the bangs. She told me the back was too long, and I agreed that 1″ be taken off the back. She cut my bangs too far on the right, and then told me “it was already like that.” She then “styled” my hair, and I’ll admit, it looked awful. When I got home, I washed it again and tried to style it, and it’s like she took big chunks out of my hair, the sides and the bangs are noticeably uneven. I will also have to pay to have someone fix it.

  3. Oh my god I wish I had saw this before I went my hair looks so bad and its not even 🙁 I hae to go and cut it again 🙁 So upset

  4. I went with a groupon now. I had Anna and she was very particular about my style. I am very pleased and will return.

  5. I have been to Vaffi’s several times always for a hair cut which were fine considering I asked for just a trim. This recent visit I asked for color, I specifically stated what I wanted and did not want. I left with a hairstyle nothing like what I described spoke to the stylist she was indifferent even though I could tell she realised she had made a mistake not once but twice. I was shocked her and the owner charged me the full price despite the error…it was extremely dishonest

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