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Clip Hair Salon

3 thoughts on “Clip Hair Salon”

  1. This is by far the WORST hair salon I have ever gone to. The staff doesn’t listen to anything you say and they just do whatever they want (which always sucks anyway). Horrible stylists, don’t know how to cut hair, worst hair cut i’ve ever gotten. Every single person I know who has tried out this salon has said the same thing. Apparently they like to butcher people’s hair!

    I would NEVER recommend this salon to anyone EVER!!!!!!


    Have been a loyal customer for a while and when a senior stylist had messed up my hair I called 2 days after to express my concerns and was told to book an appointment to get it fixed and that it would be covered by the salon….
    I showed up on the day of my appt and they refused to fix it/cover the cost and would be charging me full price !

    Hair looked awful and I had even expressed concerns before i left my appt and was told it was the “lighting” and to go home and see how it looked. I had huge discoloured patches all over my head and was told by multiple friends, family and coworkers the day after the appt that it looked bad and uneven (FYI this was supposed to be an all over even colour)

    Seriously awful customer service and the owner of the salon is clearly money hungry and is willing to lose a loyal customer rather than own up and take credibility for mistakes.

    Seriously there are way better salons out there for the same (and better) price !

    Will never be coming back and do NOT recommend.

  3. Unfortunately, have to agree with other comments. Seems like a place for new hairstylists who just need someone to practice on 🙂 🙁

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