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Modern Touch hair salon and spa

3 thoughts on “Modern Touch hair salon and spa”

  1. I went to Modern Touch hair salon last Saturday (April 21st, 2012) and my hair was a disaster. I asked for a chignon, simple but chic and Ally (Ali, I don’t know how she writes her name) hair-up and curled me like a prom girl. Come on, I am 50 not 10 years old… She used 21 hair pins and they were all visible. I often tried to explain her that it wasn’t what I asked for but she didn’t listen to me at all. More, when she dried my hair, I noticed that she had no technique of hairstyle. Where did she learn?

    The other surprise was that I had to pay 75 $. I was so irritated that I had a discount and I had to pay 62.50$. Anyway, I had to redo my hair at the hotel before going to the Gala. It took me 3 shampoos to pull off the hair spray.

    If you want to lose you time and your money, go there.

  2. I agree 100%. If you want to lose money, that would be the place I recommend. I went in there to as for a couple of highlights around my face and I was quoted $20.00 per foil. I am not sure what kind of a place these people are running but the prices are rediculous.

  3. I would never recommend modern touch salon Brampton to anybody the owner there is a old man who is so rude and abusive in his language I was shocked no customer service and I went there for highlights they totally ruined my hair she have me yellow highlights burned my hair when I asked to fix they started arguing and I paid them $80 very expensive and no respect for customers

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