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Cut Above Salon & Aesthetics

4 thoughts on “Cut Above Salon & Aesthetics”

  1. Do not go here! I bought a groupon for eyelash extensions and the lady “upgraded” me without my consent and tried to charge me $125 for it! Then when i refused to pay, she removed all of the lashes, including the ones i originally paid for! she tried to trick me and she thought i was stupid. If she left the lashes and taken the small loss, since she made the mistake, she would have had me as a loyal customer but instead she lost the lashes she removed, which i hope she doesn’t re-use and another customer. Bad service, bad business sense. 2.5 hours of my life i wont get back!

  2. same issue!! she ‘upgraded’ me as well – $125 for cheap ugly lashes. i live in toronto and would typically pay $100 for a really nice job. this was trash.

    also, coupon included a collagen eye mask but when i got there she said you shouldn’t do it when applying lashes?? she couldn’t have done that first.

    “salon” is cheap and tacky.

    complete waste of time and money.

  3. I purchased a coupon for the salon and have to say I was extremely pleased with the service. This was a very pleasant experience from booking the appointment to having the
    full service done. The technician was quite professional and explained the procedure
    very well. My lashes looked amazing and they lasted for several weeks. I will highly recommend this salon.

  4. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought the Wagjag. The lashes were very nice however, I was upgraded and paid more than double for what I had already paid for with the wagjag. which included 40 lashes per eye. and I paid an additional $85. which included tax on the wagjag and a tip. When I got home I counted the lashes. I was supposed to have been upgraded to 90 lashes per eye to have a full set of lashes, but instead I only got 40 ish per eye. I contacted Trish and asked her about the amt of lashes I received, she could not remember how many she used and she said I needed to come back in for her to count them, but she didn’t have time for me to do so within the allotted time that I had available. I called her a couple times to try and give her the opportunity to make it right, but had no time to fit me in.
    This was a complete scam as I paid for something additional that I did not get. Save your self the Money and go to someone who has morals when it comes to business practices.

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