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Zoya Hair Salon & Spa Inc

14 thoughts on “Zoya Hair Salon & Spa Inc”

  1. I purchased a 3 session microdermabrasion package from wagjag. The rooms were very unsanitary and the machine did not work properly. The treatment took a total of 10 minutes, which is about 45 minutes less than what a normal session should be. The technician left the room several times. She finished by wiping my face with a paper towel. I did not see a difference at all in my skin, and in fact, I got more acne. During the whole session the technician tried to sell me other treatments and would not take no for an answer. It was a TERRIBLE experience and I will never go back!!!!!

    1. Thank you for posting your experience. I have also had a very unpleasant experience.
      Reading these comments I hope other people think twice before booking appointments.


  2. This is the worst salon I have ever been to. It is unsanitary and they have no idea how to perform the services they are offering. The manicures are sloppy and incomplete, the facials are just cold cream slopped onto your face in an un-relaxing, dirty room. The blow dry means that they dry about 10 percent of your hair and leave the rest wet.

    They get all of their business from these internet group buys and once people see what a horrible place this is, they never go back.

    I would never recommend this salon to anyone.

  3. I agree. Worst experience I’ve ever had at a salon. Unsanitary, un-knowledgeable, and VERY unprofessional. These people are total scammers and have your money before you walk in the door. Trust me, don’t buy from them.

  4. Have to agree with the previous posters. I bought two Team Buy vouchers for my and sister I to go on her birthday. I live in Toronto and she lives in Aurora. I booked the treatments far in advance to assure that we were able to go on the right day. I clarified over the phone that it was for the services in the voucher, and listed them.

    When we got there, they were confused. They asked what treatments we had booked. I showed them the voucher. Partway through our first service, a woman came up to us and told us that we couldn’t do all of the services because it would take too long. Well yes – I expected a spa day! That’s what I had booked! Not only that, they decided which services each of us would have. They said we could come back for the rest. I was very upset because I don’t go to Aurora often so it would be difficult for me to arrange to come back, and I had planned this big day for my sister that wouldn’t happen. I had them extend the deadline for the vouchers at least, since it was near the end of their terms.

    The services:
    I had a massage, facial, and hair style. My sister had a mani-pedi and hair style.

    I have had quite a number of massages (RMT and not) and this was probably the worst one I have ever had. I would be shocked if the person had taken any classes whatsoever in massage techniques.

    The facial was okay. The woman kept trying to sell me more products though, which kind of disturbed the peacefulness. Also – after that massage I had to wonder if they were just making it up as they went along.

    The hair styles were fine. No complaints there. My sister also had a decent mani-pedi.

    I went back yesterday for the remainder of my services. The mani-pedi was HORRIBLE. There aren’t that many polishes to choose from, no massage chairs (your feet literally go in a sink), no fans to speed up drying. She decided to make a square edge even though I have really short nails so that style doesn’t work (she didn’t ask me), on top of which the nails are all angled – not straight! The polish itself is all smudged. When she hit a nail with her hand and really smudged the polish, she tried to fix it, failed horribly, and gave up. I ended up redoing my fingers when I got home (at least the toes were okay).

    The one good services was the laser hair removal (underarms). It was pretty painless. They have an excellent deal on full legs, which I would normally jump at even with the distance, but I just don’t trust them.

    I would be cautious of using their services.

  5. Do not go to this salon! Trust me when I say you will regret it. Horrible service, unprofessional staff and unsanitary conditions. I have never been somewhere so horrible. All of the good reviews you will see out there are obviously the company witting reviews for themselves.

  6. This place is a joke.These are not deals.They do a lousy job. Waited 1/2hr for my scheduled appt(not even busy). Mani/pedi was lousy & took FOREVER to complete.Polish was so thick it took more than 1/2hr to dry & no air/dry machines to speed up the process. Pedi cost more than the local nail salon (that does a better & a professional job) charges the same for a mani/pedi in less than 1/2 the time. Facial was being done at the SAME time as my ‘massage’ which was a joke & was basically just a rub down with oils. No proper massage bed so your neck is strained when lying on your stomach(good thing I didn’t upgrade to an RMT).Facial was just some cream dabbed on the face and wiped off. REALLY??? No steam to open the pores. My facial & ‘massage’ took less than an hour.’Massage’ was supposed to be 60min & facial 45min. & the door was slightly ajar the whole time this was being done. How relaxing is that?This was a wagjag deal and a complete waste of time and money.This is NOT a high end spa that some patrons report it is. Having been at many high end spas, with ‘energetic’staff and clean, sanitary conditions…this doesn’t even come close.

  7. I was very happy with the services I recieved. I got color and highlights and also had a facial. I went to the Salon very skeptical after reading the reviews, but was surprised about how positive my experience was. The stylist did an amazing job, and spent a long time so the final result was amazing. I would definitely go back as I finally got the hair I always wanted. The facial was also very good. Yes, they offered me products for home care, which I bought and am very happy with. I dont think the fact that the Easthetician offered me other products and services that would benefit me was inappropriate. After all that is why you go to a spa: to treat yourself with things that make you more relaxed and beautiful. Anyway, After reading all those reviews and having a completely positive experience myself I felt obliged to let others know that they should judge for themselves.

  8. I recently started going to this Salon for laser hair removal. I have been satisfied with the results and their prices. The rooms have actually been very clean and the staff have been friendly and professional. I have tried their stylist once and she was amazing. Would definitely recommend. Not sure what all the complaints are about!!

  9. You would be lucky not to catch a disease there, it’s dirty and the technician I had gave me a 5 min IPL treatment that was suppposed to be 30 minutes. When I questioned her, she said that is how she was trained, then after I asked she handed me an industrial paper towel to wipe my face. I had purchased a 4 treatment package but would never return, it is not to be trusted to perform a hygenic facial service. No wonder you see them on the deal sites, you would be insane to visit there more than once.

  10. I agree they scammed me into purchasing laser hair removal after the 2nd treatment cause it was working, which they had placed me in the back room at the beginning and treatments worked fine. THEN they moved me to the side room and for about 4 treatments now it’s done nothing. I will happily take my money somewhere else legitimate when I plan on doing my full legs Oh well their loss. By providing legitimate business, people will go back to get other services but not anymore!

  11. My daughter and I purchased “group deals” for “laser hair removal” — unlimited for a year (what they use here is actually IPL). After a year of overbooked and rushed appointments, we can see only a slight difference in hair growth. It’s quite disappointing.

    Throughout the year, we were continually pressured to buy more services and packages. At one point, I was offered a microdermabrasion treatment for $40, so I agreed. The woman dragged a treatment wand across my face for a few minutes, and then wiped my face with a cold wet cloth. She then put a gel on my face and then left me lying on a table for 10-15 minutes and then came back and wiped it off — again with a cold cloth. When I went to pay, she charged me $65. I asked about the price difference and was told that the “gel mask” was “extra”. When I got home, I saw the white residue left around my nostrils and eyebrows. My skin felt no different.

    Still, we continued with our hair removal package, but the results are a disappointment. The hair continues to grow back as it always has — even after a year full of appointments. On our most recent appointments, my daughter and I were each asked if we planned to purchase more treatments (“for touch up”) once our packages ended. We said no and soon after, “Miriam” phoned our home and left a voice message cancelling our final appointments. (I was so floored that I have saved the message to prove it.) We thought about forcing the issue to get our final appointments, but the service wasn’t working anyway, and our visits to Zoya were not pleasant, so there was little point to arguing with them. I would avoid this salon.

  12. My husband got a package for my birthday, and I decided to treat myself for a spa day on the day of a wedding reception of a friend. It is now two days after my facial, and I have second degree burns on my face and am stuck at home. Obviously I was a no show at the wedding. They conned me into buying six microdermabrasion treatments and did not even do any of the original services my husband had bought for me. They never offered a mirror and I was shocked at what I saw when I reached home. The meni was just to apply some sloppy nail polish which any six year girl could have done better job.

  13. I thought I got a good deal when I purchased an unlimited laser hair removal package for all body parts for a year for only $299. Let me tell you, it is that cheap for a reason. This “spa” is mediocre at best, and even that is a stretch.

    Firstly, the wait times are ridiculous. A few times I have been serviced right away, but many other times I’ve had to wait anywhere from half an hour to an hour. They overbook themselves because they try to maximize their profits but sacrifice the customer service.

    The customer service is another issue. There is NONE. The owner is extremely fake and pretends to smile when you are talking to her but seriously has a bitch face.
    Aside from that, one of the “estheticians” ended up burning me in two different areas in one laser session to which I addressed to the owner. She dealt with this my telling me to advise the esthetician herself that she should use more gel. This is not my job. There was no apology, no accommodation, nothing.
    When I finally found one esthetician that did a good job, I tried to request her again but this was blatantly denied to me by the owner because it was “against the rules.” So who makes the rules????

    During my laser sessions I have had several different estheticians performing the laser. Most of them try to up sell all of their other services to the point of annoyance. Some of them also are not thorough with the laser, not going through the areas enough. Probably so more laser sessions will be purchased.

    The owner actually did one of my laser sessions and relentlessly tried to up sell me on the other services. She told me that this deal that I got actually caused the business to lose money and was only used as a marketing tool to generate traffic through the salon and its then that they would get them to buy more services. Not exactly the kind of small talk that a client likes to engage in when they’re getting services done. Very awkward… and frankly, I don’t really care about your business issues.

    Overall, this is not a spa. This is a hair salon that is trying to make itself seem like a spa by adding other services. Yes the prices are decent compared to real spas but that is because the others are REAL. They are cheap and unsanitary like the others have mentioned.

    You get what you pay for.

    Aside from my laser package, I have not and will not ever purchase any other services here. Once my package is up, I will be so pleased to NEVER have to deal with these awful people again.

    Seriously, BEWARE.

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