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HairStyles for 2018
From Milan to New York and Toronto to California, 2018 is set to be a time for hairstyle rebirth. The hottest hair styles for 2018 are going back to the future.

Finding a new Salon

One of the most liberating experiences can be finding the perfect stylist. Every appointment is easy, fun and full of great conversation. A hairstylist that stays on top of all the current trends and one who can offer a great new 2018 hairstyle to perfectly match you. It’s not that easy but we’re here to help.

You can easily find a great Salon and Hairstylist through our free listings in almost any neighborhood in Canada. But sometimes a personal referral from a friend or even a stranger off the street can do the trick. Just make sure that you have similar hair to get the best results.


Call ahead and ask if you can stop by to ask a few questions. Free of charge of course. Here are a few pointers.

  • How is the Hairdresser dressed? What does their hair look like?  This can be a HUGE indicator that if they don’t care for themselves they may not care for you know who.
  • How’s the conversation. Does it seem forced? Do they talk about all their troubles? Or, are they upbeat and complimenting.
  • Have they asked enough questions to clearly suggest a style to suit your look and lifestyle.
  • Ask how the salon or stylist keeps up with current trends. ie: Hair Shows, training or courses.
  • Is the salon clean and organized?

After your first visit you should know if you click. If you do, great. Just start off slowly. Make an appointment for something small, like blow dry just to test the waters. This should surely tell you if you’ve found your new stylist and salon.

Love or hate, the best and worst salons and hairdressers in Canada. Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver and others are home to thousands of Hair Salons and Hair Stylists. RateMyHairSalon is a new way peek inside a new salon or review and rate your favourite. You will find Salon Reviews, Facial Reviews, Manicure Reviews, Pedicure Reviews and more.

Care to know who does the Best Blow Dry in your city for the cheapest price? Who uses the top hair colour brands and always gets it right.

As our team launches Rate My Hair Salon we’ve been deliberating as to which services and elements you the reader would most like to rate. After interviewing hundreds of women and men in Canada the verdict is in. We found an even split between skill level and price. More than forty percent said that they were willing to pay more for creative talent. While some just wanted the best at the lowest price. So, we set off to find the best salon, the best stylist and the best value for your money. Join us on our journey to salon excellence that challenges to expose the best and worst that Canada has to offer.

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