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  1. concerned bridesmaid September 7, 2012 at 10:42 pm - Reply

    not only were we promised the stylist booked with us could accomplish the style we wanted and she couldn’t we were supposed to be booked with four stylist one for the bride and one for each bridesmaid and weren’t. Then when the bride dared to voice that the hair was wrong and that it looked horrible, not only the one stylist that we had for the three bridesmaids but also the stylist doing the bride stopped working on us grabbing coats and purses walking out of the salon. if that wasn’t bad enough the receptionist proceeded to call the bride a name and when she was asked to explain what it meant responded with “I think you should know” they were the most unprofessional rude women i’ve ever come across!!! almost ruined the brides day!!!! Thank goodness for the great people who could do the style and were very nice to everyone at Chatters.

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