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  1. Gail May 12, 2012 at 12:25 pm - Reply

    The gentleman that did our hair did not do a good job he rushed us through the service, we went in on a promo witch seemed like a good deal but ended up paying. more then double. they should have had two people working on us and there was only one man. He didn’t even wash our hair he just rinsed out the toner,almost burnt my scalp. I was hoping to have found a new place to get my hair done. I went to the Vancouver VIP Salon. If you go don’t let the boss do you hair… May be the Burnaby location is better?? It was a good thing that another stylist showed up near the end and tried to fix our hair!!!

  2. Andie June 9, 2012 at 2:25 pm - Reply

    Worst hair experience. I was supposed to get a Moroccan hair treatment – nope, barely got conditioner. My “haircut” was a JOKE. The lady took random pieces of hair and snipped a tiny bit of about 6 times. The cleanup job by my regular hairdresser was a bit drastic. I just wanted a simple blow out & they even messed that up. TERRIBLE PLACE. TERRIBLE SERVICE. TERRIBLE RESULTS.

  3. B September 19, 2012 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    I’ve never been so upset coming out of a hair salon. The service for this place was disastrous and the hairdresser had no idea what she was doing at all. I had 5 pictures of the hairstyle i wanted, which was ombre. She was supposed to face my hair lighter at the ends but instead did my entire head with highlights, telling me it wasnt going to cost extra. She also left them in too long so I had super blonde hair. She proceeded to tell me that toner would make mer mistake better, and again failed to inform me that I was also being charged for that. She barely cut my hair. I asked for layers and she trimmed the bottom in one go and told me it was finished. I was very unhappy with how it turned out so I let her know that it was not what i wanted. She kept trying to fix it for me but just made it worse. By this time 5 hours had gone by because she was switching back and fourth between my friend and I, who’s hair she had also destroyed.

    The manager then came out to see why we were still there and began to yell at us that we were using too much product trying to fix the lady’s mistake and stormed out of the shop. Most unprofessional thing i’ve ever seen.

    After 5 and a half hours I told her to stop and that I needed to go. My hair wasn’t any better at this point. I literally had simple stripes of blonde and brown in my hair.

    We get to the front desk to pay and the lady charged me 135 dollars. She did not inform me i was being charged for the extra toner she had to use to fix her mistake, and the exra highlights in the back of my head, which she said earlier would be for free. I told her I couldnt pay this and she threatened that if i did not pay the amount, that she would get fired. By this point I didnt even care anymore, I just needed to get out of there.

    Beware to everyone who enters this shop. It’s a horrible place to be. The atmosphere is unfriendly and the service is horrible. Most of all you pay ridiculous amounts of money for hair you did not ask for. I now have to spend another 50 dollars to fix my hair just back to my original colour.

    I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture.

    Vip Hair Salon and Spa, I will forever spread the word of your horrible service around Burnaby. I am NOT HAPPY.

  4. Horrified October 10, 2012 at 1:20 am - Reply

    It was THE WORST experience OF MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!! When I got there, the three chairs were booked and no one acknowledged me when I walked in. Finally a woman, who was very nice but was ordered around by the other staff, asked me who I was here to see – still no one took my name.
    I sat down and told her what I wanted done with my hair: layers as usual and highlights (I had bought the 5 foils package). She started the foils but ran out of solution. She asked the nice, older “help” to make some more. After putting two more foils on my hair she asked what color the “help” had made up. Then she proceeds to say that it is different from what she has already put on my head. But the whole time, none of this was directed at me! It was as though I was invisible and they were just working on a body. My hair dresser left me to work on another customer and when she returned she said “oh, I left it in too long.”
    While my hair was waiting for the color to set, my hair dresser sat at the till and texted with her friends. Still no conversation happened.
    She cut and dismissed the others so I was now the only one she had to concentrate on. The other hair dresser (owner) left as well. She took out the scissors and just went to town!!!! There was NO skill or not even any knowledge of what she was doing! She COMPLETELY butchered my hair!! One side was shorter than the other and there were layers left, right and center that didn’t even make sense. It looked as though I had three different hair styles on my one head. I didn’t completely notice this until I got home and would NEVER go back to get them to fix it!!
    She charged me EXTRA to top it off and when I asked her to call the manager to make sure that was correct she said, “yes, it is. I asked her before she left and now she is busy for the night.”
    ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE of my life and I would NEVER go back if someone paid me to. And I would NEVER recommend this place either!!!!!!!

  5. Bad hair day October 19, 2012 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    Totally agree with the previous post. I got charged for $20 based on the regular price on the groupon. The haircut is a joke. My entire service finished in 30 minutes. The stylist trie to sell me on other color treatment which would end up paying $120 more. My hair looked so ugly that I will need to go to another stylist this week to fix it. Do ever go to this place!!!

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